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User instructions EN BALANCED-FLUE GAS FIRES DON’T COMPROMISE. Balanced-flue gas fires Kalfire G G60/48F, G65/44C, G70/44S G80/48F, G85/44C, G90/44S G100/41F, G105/37C, G110/37S G120/41F, G125/37C, G130/37S G160/41F, G165/37C, G170/37S for gas type: G20, G25 and G30 Balanced-flue gas fires Kalfire GP GP60/59F, GP65/55C, GP70/55S GP60/79F, GP65/75C, GP70/75S GP75/59F, GP80/55C, GP85/55S GP80/54T, GP85/50R GP105/59F, GP110/55C, GP115/55S for gas type: G20, G25 and G30 and GP105/79F, GP110/75C, GP115/75S for gas type: G20 and G25 Version 01-2018 Contents 1. General information 7 4.12 Setting the Natural 1.1 Foreword 7 Spark Generator 21 1.2 Pictograms 8 4.13 Fill the Natural 1.3 Warranty 8 Spark Generator 21 1.4 Compatibility iMatch interface 9 4.14 Configure the iMatch app 21 4.15 iMatch app settings 22 2. Safety 11 4.16 Resetting the iMatch 2.1 Safety instructions for interface 22 decorative elements 11 4.17 Using the iMatch app 2.2 Safety related to use 11 through the iMatch interface 23 2.3 Three safety measures for the gas fire 12 5. Maintenance 24 5.1 Maintenance 24 3. Description 14 5.1.1 Cleaning the (standard) 3.1 Gas fire description 14 ceramic windows. 24 5.1.2 Cleaning instructions 4. Operation 16 ­anti-reflective glass 24 4.1 Replacing the batteries 16 5.1.3 Door dismantling and assembly 4.2 Using the iMatch (corner and three-sided remote control 16 appliances) 26 4.3 Setting day and time 17 5.1.4 Door dismantling and assembly 4.4 Checking transmission (front and tunnel fireplaces) 27 strength 17 5.2 Malfunctions 28 4.5 Switching the appliance 5.2.1 Removing or resetting on and off 18 a malfunction. 28 4.6 Setting the flame intensity 18 5.2.2 Error codes iMatch 4.7 Selecting the thermostat or remote control 29 ­m anual operating programme 18 5.2.3 Error code iMatch interface 33 4.8 Setting the flame intensity 5.3 Malfunctions Natural by thermostat 19 Spark Generator 33 4.9 Programming time segments 19 4.10 Programme choice for A. Appendices 34 the hybrid LED lighting 20 A.1 Product card 35 4.11 Activating/deactivating the A.2 Wiring diagram 36 hybrid LED lighting and A.3 Certificate of compliance 37 adjusting the lighting intensity 20 5 6 1. General information The gas fire and accompanying remote control may only be used in accordance The following sections provide general with the reason it was designed and information about the gas fire: after review of the Installation Manual - Foreword and user instructions. - Pictograms - Warranty Modifications of whatever nature can - iMatch interface compatibility also affect the safety of the gas fire. Alterations can nullify the warranty and 1.1 Foreword the periodic inspection of the gas fire About this manual will come to lapse. This user instruction has been written for the users of the gas fire. A seperate If the gas fire is not installed correctly, Installation Manual accompanies this all warranty and/or damage claims User Instructions. The user instructions against Kalfire will be declared null and should remain in the vicinity of the gas void. fire so that they are readily available for fireplace users. This gas fire has been tested and approved according to CE standard The gas fire may only be installed by EN-613. Every gas fire that leaves the qualified technicians complying with all factory has been tested for technical relevant national or local regulations. and functional adherence to relevant The current technology status, the quality standards

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