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Stag LCG Stag mixes the contemporary taste for large x-heights and quirky details with influences from continental Egyptians of the early twentieth century. With more overt personality than a more sober family like Guardian Egyptian, Stag is perfect for situations that need a little more distinction in typographic dress. Published 2014 Stag was originally designed as a headline face for the US edition of Esquire in a very limited number of weights. Because it was Designed by Christian Schwartz originally intended to be used for just a handful of very large, Panos Haratzopoulos Ilya Ruderman very heavy words at a time, its designer focused on making the space between characters as interesting as the space inside 14 styles 7 weights w/ ITALICS them, ending up with an unusual mixed bracketing treatment Features on the serifs. This contrast between sharp and soft forms grew PROPORTIONAL LINING FIGURES into the main design feature of the family, with the balance Tabular LINING FIGURES FRACTIONS shifted more towards soft forms in the cursive-influenced italic. The Cyrillic version has been designed by Moscow-based type designer Ilya Ruderman, and the Greek extension by Panos Haratzopoulos in Vouliagmeni, Greece. Commercial commercialtype.com Stag LCG 2 of 15 Stag LCG Thin Stag LCG Thin Italic Stag LCG Light Stag LCG Light Italic Stag LCG Book Stag LCG Book Italic Stag LCG Medium Stag LCG Medium Italic Stag LCG Semibold Stag LCG Semibold Italic Stag LCG Bold Stag LCG Bold Italic Stag LCG Black Stag LCG Black Italic Rather than using ambiguous names like “Pro”, “World” or “WGL” for our font files with extended language support, we have devised a simple way to denote which alphabets are supported in complex families like Stag. Font files with LC in the family name support our full standard range of LC languages that use the Latin alphabet, plus languages that use Cyrillic, Latin + Cyrillic including Russian, Ukranian, Belorussian, Serbian, and Bulgarian. LG Font files with LG in the family name support our full standard range of Latin + Greek languages that use the Latin alphabet, plus monotonic Greek. LCG Font files with LCG in the family name support our full standard range of Latin + Cyrillic + Greek languages that use the Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek alphabets. Commercial commercialtype.com Stag LCG 37 of 15 17 Of the 180,174 households THE CITY OF BANGKOK An average of 31,875.69 km² STAG THIN, THIN ITALIC, 40 PT Regreso a la democracia ÁGUA E SANEAMENTO Convention of Kanagawa STAG LIGHT, LIGHT ITALIC, 40 PT Biological anthropology PIERROT LE FOU (1965) The History of Breukelen STAG BOOK, BOOK ITALIC, 40 PT 68.4% of the population RELAÇÕES EXTERNAS Nyelvjárási különbségek STAG MEDIUM, MEDIUM ITALIC, 40 PT Commercial commercialtype.com Stag LCG 8 of 15 4 17 Cultural Anthropology ESTIMATED GROWTH Austfirðingafjórðungur STAG SEMIBOLD, SEMIBOLD ITALIC, 40 PT Redevelopment plans NATURAL SCIENTIST St-Rambert-l'Île-Barbe STAG BOLD, BOLD ITALIC, 40 PT Histoire(s) du cinéma EDUCATION CENTER Originally National founded in government STAG black, Stag BLACK, black 40 PT italic, 40 Pt Originally founded in MODERN TRANSFER Fuentes de referencia STAG BLACK ITALIC, 40 PT Commercial commercialtype.com Stag LCG 5 of 15 И каждый раз молодой нема зборови да го В ближайшие 2000 лет Stag cyrillic thin, thin italic, 40 Pt Хозяйство приходится необични мудрост Научна истраживања Stag cyrillic light, light italic, 40 Pt [alternate а] З 1,189 чоловік запитав екстремни детайл Гісторыя кінатэатра Stag cyrillic book, book italic, 40 Pt И доказательства, как спортски стадион І сярэдняе павелічэнне Stag cyrillic medium, medium italic, 40 Pt [alternate К к] Commercial commercialtype.com Stag LCG

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