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A Correlation of Miller & Levine Biology ©2014 to the Alabama Content Standards for Biology High School   A Correlation of Miller & Levine Biology, ©2014 to the Alabama Content Standards for Biology High School INTRODUCTION This document demonstrates how Miller & Levine Biology ©2014 meets the Alabama Content Standards for Biology, grades 9-12. Correlation page references are to the Student and Teacher’s Editions. Authors Ken Miller and Joe Levine have created a comprehensive on-level program to inspire students to interact with trusted and up-to-date biology content. The authors’ unique storytelling style engages students in biology, with a greater focus on written and visual analogies. Resources Study Workbook A and Study Workbook B: Reading Foundations offer leveled resources for students of varying abilities.  Section Summaries help students prepare for tests.  Study Worksheets make students active and engaged readers.  Note taking skills development helps students build understanding.  Vocabulary Reviews with graphic organizers help students master key terminology. Laboratory Manual A and Laboratory Manual B: Skill Foundations offer leveled activities for students of varying abilities. Teachers can choose to differentiate activities within a classroom or select from various labs to choose one that best fits the whole class profile. Biology.com, the latest in digital instruction technology, provides a pedagogically relevant interface for your biology classroom.  Complete Student Edition online with audio  Complete Teacher’s Edition  Untamed Science videos (also on DVD)  Lesson review presentations  Editable worksheets  Test preparation, online assessments, and remediation  Games, animals, and simulations  Chapter mysteries from the textbook  Interactive study guides     SE=Student Edition; TE=Teacher Edition 2  A Correlation of Miller & Levine Biology, ©2014 to the Alabama Content Standards for Biology High School Alabama Content Standards for Biology Miller & Levine Biology High School ©2014 ALABAMA COURSE OF STUDY – SCIENCE BIOLOGY CORE – HIGH SCHOOL Students will: 1. Select appropriate laboratory glassware, SE/TE: 108, 193, 234, 283, 612, 683, balances, time measuring equipment, and 878, 964, 1000, A-13, A-14, A-15 optical instruments to conduct an   experiment. • Describing the steps of the scientific SE/TE: 6-9, 28, A-8, A-9 method   • Comparing controls, dependent variables, SE/TE: 7, 9, 28 and independent variables   • Identifying safe laboratory procedures SE/TE: 25, 29, 264, 283, 603, 698, 878, when handling chemicals and using Bunsen 964, 1000, A-11, A-12, A-13, A-14, A-15 burners and laboratory glassware   • Using appropriate SI units for measuring SE/TE: 24, 31, A-10 length, volume, and mass   2. Describe cell processes necessary for SE/TE: 19-20, 208-211, 212-213, 214- achieving homeostasis, including active and 217, 220 passive transport, osmosis, diffusion,   exocytosis, and endocytosis. • Identifying functions of carbohydrates, SE/TE: 46-47, 48-49, 56-57, 200-201, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids in cellular 204 activities   • Comparing the reaction of plant and SE/TE: 210-211, 221 animal cells in isotonic, hypotonic, and   hypertonic solutions • Explaining how surface area, cell size, SE/TE: 53, 57, 240-241, 244, 245, 274- temperature, light, and pH affect cellular 276, 278 activities   • Applying the concept of fluid pressure to SE/TE: 953, 958, 959, 961 biological systems   Examples: blood pressure, turgor pressure, bends, strokes 3. Identify reactants and products SE/TE: 226-228, 230-233, 234, 235-237, associated with photosynthesis and cellular 238-239, 240-241, 244-246, 250-253, 254- respiration and the purposes of these two 260, 268 processes.   4. Describe similarities and differences of SE/TE: 197, 198, 200-201, 202, 206, 207 cell organelles, using diagrams and tables.   • Identifying scientists who contributed to SE/TE: 190, 19

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