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Product Description Full Voltage Starting Electric Fire Pump Controllers • FTA1000 n Built-in Start and Stop push-buttons to bypass automatic start circuits n Door mounted display/interface panel featuring a 40 Character Vacuum Fluorescent Display, Mem- brane Type User Control Push-buttons and easy to read LED Indicators n Single handle Isolating Disconnect Switch/Circuit Breaker mechanism n POWER ON LED n PUMP RUN LED n PHASE FAILURE LED n PHASE REVERSAL LED n LOW PRESSURE LED n DELUGE OPEN LED n INTERLOCK ON LED n TRANSFER SWITCH NORMAL LED (If unit or- dered with Automatic Power Transfer Switch) n TRANSFER SWITCH EMERGENCY LED (If unit ordered with Automatic Power Transfer Switch) n EMERGENCY ISOLATING SWITCH OFF LED (If unit ordered with Automatic Power Transfer Switch) Description—Firetrol® FTA1000 Full Voltage Fire n Minimum Run Timer / Off Delay Timer Pump Controllers are intended for use with electric n Daylight Savings Time Option motor driven fire pumps where the capacity of the n Weekly Test Timer power source permits full voltage starting. Full volt- n Elapsed Time Meter age is applied to the motor as soon as the controller n Digital Pressure Display is actuated. The controller monitors, displays and n 1.44M Floppy Disk Drive records fire pump system information. n Data Log Full voltage starting is simple and low cost and is n Event Log (3000 Events) preferred whenever the utility or emergency generator n True RMS Metering with simultaneous 3 phase set will permit this type of starting. display of amps and volts n Disk Error message Approvals—Firetrol fire pump controllers are listed n Disk Near Full message by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc., in accordance with n Pressure Error message UL218, Standard for Fire Pump Controllers, CSA, n Motor Over 320% message Standard for Industrial Control Equipment, and ap- n Local Start message proved by Factory Mutual. They are built to meet or n Remote Start message exceed the requirements of the approving authorities n Emergency Start message as well as NEMA and the latest editions of NFPA 20, n Fail To Start message Installation of Centrifugal Fire Pumps, and NFPA 70, n Undervoltage message National Electrical Code. n Overvoltage message n Low Suction Pressure message Standard Features—The following are included as n High Speed Open Serial Communications Port standard with each controller: n NEMA Type 2 enclosure n Voltage surge protector n Main Disconnect Switch sized for connected mo- tor horsepower and voltage n Fire pump Circuit Breaker n Motor contactor n Emergency Manual Run Mechanism to mechani- cally close motor contactor contacts in an emer- gency condition SPECIAL ENCLOSURES -AZ Low pump room temperature -T NEMA Type 3R (IEC IP14) switch, mounted and wired -E NEMA Type 4 (IEC IP56) -BW Extra contacts for remote indication, -F NEMA Type 4X (IEC IP56) phase failure/phase reversal FTA1000, 1250, 1300 -BY Contacts for remote indication, FTA1350, 1500, 1800, 1900 pump overlo

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