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English Manual English Language V1.50 16 Servo Edutainment Robot Box kit_Instruction Manual 16 Servo Edutainment Robot Box kit_Instruction Manual ROBONOVA-I Instruction Manual I. Introduction Index 1. Easy to Build Your ROBONOVA-1 kit was designed for easy assembly in 6 to 8 hour using only a screwdriver. -Table of Contents- VI. Software Overview 1. Operational Overview of RoboBASIC - 67 2. Servo Motors I. Introduction 2. RoboSCRIPT - 78 Completely Designed Servo Only for Robot Operation 1. Easy to Build - 3 3. RoboREMOCON - 82 This fully articulating, 12" high, mechanical man is controlled with 16 powerful HSR-8498HB digital servos built specifically for the 2. Servo Motors ROBONOVA-1 by Hitec. These custom servos feature "set pin" locking of the servo arms for easy assembly, over-voltage current protection, super strong Karbonite gear trains and "position feedback" technology for simple programming 3. Control Boards, MR-C3024 4. Metal Framework VII. Programming the ROBONOVA-I 3. Control Boards, MR-C3024 5. Battery and Charger 1. Template Program - 84 Micom Board with Flexible Interface 6. The Key - "Easy To Operate" 2. Adding Routines ans Sensors - 90 The control board is the heart of the ROBONOVA-1. Secured to the back of the robot under a strong plastic case, the control board can operate up to 24 servos and 16 accessory modules. Optional devices will eventually include gyro's, acceleration sensors, 7. Requirements and Specification - 4 speech synthesis modules and operational devices such as Bluetooth controllers and R/C transmitters and receivers. This flexible and sophisticated interface allows the user to customize ROBONOVA-1 into the robot of their dreams. Firmware can be VIII. HMI Protocol - 93 automatically upgraded when connected to a PC. II. Before You Begin - 8 4. Metal Framework IX. Troubleshooting - 94 The custom gold anodized metal servo brackets serve as a strong and lightweight exoskeleton. ROBONOVA-1 also features durable plastic body case components that protect the control board and battery from damage. III. Assembly Notes 1. ROBONOVA-I Kit Parts List - 10 5. Battery and Charger 2. Notes on the HSR-8498HB Servos - 12 X. HMI Robot Servo General Information - 95 Powering the ROBONOVA-1 is a 5 cell, environmentally friendly NiMH rechargeable battery that delivers around 1 hour of 3. Notes on Kit Assembly - 14 operational time. The included D/C to D/C charger features a protection circuit to help prevent battery charging mishaps. 6. The Key - "Easy To Operate" ROBONOVA-1, Robot Programming Made Easy. Users of this exciting ro

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