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2012.10 Understanding of buyKOREA Buyer Information Management KOTRA Offer KOPS Payment Record EMS Delivery Record 2012.10 1. Understanding of buyKOREA buyKOREA(www.buyKOREA.org) which is operated by KOTRA is the global B2B e-market place which connects international buyers and Korean suppliers. Since its establishment in 1962 as part of the Korea Korea'ss first 5 5-year year Economic Plan, KOTRA has been dedicated to creating new export markets and increasing Korea's trade value, which reached $1 trillion in 2011. buyKOREA is the most extensive trading site which has Korean products d and d suppliers. li • If you have difficulty in finding Korean products and suppliers in buyKOREA, register a buying offer. Korean suppliers in buyKOREA will contact you rapidly. • buyKOREA is a global B2B e-marketplace which supports product view, online transaction, EMS shipping etc. It is possible to check new Korean products which are registered daily and pay by credit cards Real-time easily. Real time shipping status is available in buyKOREA when Korean seller is sending the products by EMS. b KOREA supports buyKOREA t online li video id chatting. h tti D t il d business Detailed b i meeting ti with ith distant di t t Korean K companies i i is available through online video conference hold regularly on various industry sector. Experience the business improvement with buyKOREA. 1. Understanding of buyKOREA ① Korean sellers register their products on buyKOREA. ② Buyer sends a inquiry and asks a Price Quote ② Inquiry and buyKOREA ① Product Price Quote registration for their interested products from buyKOREA. request ③ Seller replies to the Price Quote request. request ④ Price Quote ③ Price Quote sending ④ Buyer acknowledges the Price Quote and make confirmation, payment Korean payment through KOPS. Buyer KOPS ⑤ Payment seller ⑤ Seller checks the buyer’s payment. confirmation ⑥ Seller ships the goods with postal EMS service available ) (other terms of delivery are available.) ⑦ Product ⑥ Product ⑦ Buyer checks EMS shipping status from receiving shipping buyKOREA and receives the product. EMS 1. Understanding of buyKOREA KOPS is an online credit card payment solution operated by KOTRA for Korean exporters to receive payment online easily. When buyers make payment by their credit card, Korean sellers can get receive payment(after deducting remittance charge) through their pre pre-designated designated bank account. account For buyers to pay through KOPS, they must get 3D Secure Servic

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