• Document: Sand Injectites in the North Sea and the Atlantic margin Giant fields - Infill targets - Drilling hazards - Migration paths
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FORCE Conference: Underexplored Plays, NPD, Stavanger 8-9 April 2015 Sand Injectites in the North Sea and the Atlantic margin Giant fields - Infill targets - Drilling hazards - Migration paths Mads Huuse With unpublished interpretation input from Tobi Olobayo (PhD 2015) Basin Studies and Petroleum Geoscience Group, University of Manchester, UK mads.huuse@manchester.ac.uk Stratigraphic and geographic occurrence of sand injection in the North Sea – Northeast Viking Graben • Late Cretaceous (Måløy slope), Late Paleocene / Early Eocene – North Viking Graben • Mid Eocene, Late Eocene, mid/late Miocene/Pliocene, Plio-Pleistocene – South Viking Graben & Utsira High • Paleocene/Eocene boundary, Early Eocene, Mid Eocene, Oligo-Miocene – Outer Moray Firth • Mid-Eocene, Late Eocene / early Oligocene, Miocene, ?Plio-Pleistocene – Northern Central Graben • Early Eocene – Norwegian-Danish Basin (Siri Canyon) • Late Eocene / early Oligocene, mid Miocene – Ringkøbing-Fyn High • Late Oligocene – ?Southern North Sea • ?Pliocene – Faroe-Shetland Basin • Early Eocene, mid/late Miocene – Møre Basin • Paleocene?, Miocene – Barents Sea (Sørvestnaget Basin) • Eocene – San Joaquin Valley (California) • Late Cretaceous, Paleocene, Eocene – Watch this space: Uruguay, Angola, Baffin Bay, Tanzania, New Zealand… ??? Mariner Jotun Gryphon Balder Harding Grane Sleipner Alba Chestnut Catcher Porosity and permeability 30-40%, 1-10 D @ 1.6-2.0 km depth Alba Field (Eocene Outer Moray Firth) Balder Field (Paleocene Utsira High) Briedis et al. 2007: AAPG Mem 87 Duranti et al. 2002: Pet Geosci Analogues for crestal sand injectites in Californian outcrops: Santa Cruz (a, b), San Joaquin Valley (c, d) Eocene Alba Field (Grid sst): 1B bbl field discovered by mistake.. Wing-producers  doubled production on Gryphon (UK 9/18b) Jackson et al. 2011: AAPG Bulletin Production data courtesy of Maersk Oil UK Seismic stratigraphic recognition of depositional, remobilised and fully injected sandstones Depositional sandstone Remobilised sand 100% injected sand (no remobilisation) (in situ) (saucer-shaped injectites) Mound (turbidite or extrudite) Remobilised mound Laccolith and marginal dykes (+ extrudite) Channel fill (truncation, onlap fill) Remobilised channel fill Conical injectite Huuse et al. 2012: EAGE Submarine fans, lobes etc, in a sequence stratigraphic framework - are they all primary depositional sandstones? Den Hartog Jager et al 1993: PGC4 Paleocene sand injectites: NCS 35/11 (NE North Sea) Dmitrieva et al. 2012: Petroleum Geoscience North Viking Graben injectites, extrudites and mudstone diagenesis Huuse 2008: WorldOil Structural-stratigraphic setting of large-scale sand injectites in the South Viking Graben & Utsira High South Viking Graben: sand injectite heaven 3D visualizations of injected sands reservoirs: South Viking Graben Isolated massive sandstone mounds in the South Viking Graben: Balder (earliest Eocene) thickness and TWT structure Gamma – Volund: Early and Middle Eocene episodes Wing-like reflections emanate from massive Balder-age sandstone on a scale similar to Alba and other remobilized fields (>200 m vertical) Total sandstone volume ~ 2.5 km3 (all injected) 24/9-3 24/9-4 View looking North Volund Field: Balder sand with marginal ‘wings’ Discordant ‘wings’ Frigg Jack up Regional Top Balder Balder OWC Sele Volund: 3D morphology Chestnut / Alba fairway: mid and Late Eocene episodes Outer Moray Firth: sand injectite reservoirs, migration paths and drilling hazards Huuse et al. 2005: Petroleum Geology Conference Sand inj

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