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SYNTHETIC NON-WOVEN FABRICS VILEDON AIR FILTER  VILEDON air filter is VILEDON air filter is the high-quality non-woven fabrics radically new material “non-woven”fabrics. developed by modern frontier technology of organic chemistry and polymer chemistry in harmony with paper and felt manufacturing technique. This new non-woven material has a remarkable variety; its physical and chemical properties can be freely designed according to its usage in combination with various synthetic fibers and many other materials. Types of Application Model Page VILEDON air filter For painting booth PA/350HL, PA/305HL 5 For high temperature oven AI-100W, AE-100 (doubled), AE-100 6 Regenerative type for general use PS/600N, PS/400N, PS/300N, PS/150N 7 Disposal type for general use FR-585, FS-6200, FS-6500, PE/205HL, FR-580 8 For special equipments FS-1710, FS-1705, FS-1705W 9 For other usage FP-5615, FP-5505, FP-5205 FC-620N, FC-600 10 SS-3300, SS-1500, MV-50, MV-25 VILEDON air filter ■ Completely bonded fabrics features: The fabrics has a porous structure. The pore sizes can be adjusted by the combination of fibers and binders according to its application. ■ Optimum gradient of fiber density for air filter As the filter media density is increased away from upstream side to downstream side, the low pressure loss, the high dust collecting efficiency and the high dust holding capacity are available. Density gradient (Some of our series have no density gradient.) construction ■ Easy and simple regeneration Our regenerative VILEDON air filters are reusable by water washing or spray cleaning. ■ Fire-retardant and safety material VILEDON air filters fall under class 3 according to Flammability Test Method 11A-2003 of Japan Air Cleaning Association (JACA) for Materials of Air Purifier Filters, except the FR-580, which is not a fire-retardant product. ■ Wide range of application VILEDON air filter are widely used for air-conditioning system of general office buildings and halls as well as modern frontier technological facilites of semiconductor factories. Applicalion marks for [1] Applicable for painting booths VILEDON air filter: [2] Applicable for package type air conditioners and 1 4 JACA No.11A-2003 7 other individual air conditioning systems [3] Applicable for outdoor air cleaning, etc. [4] For subway air 2 5 8 [5] Washable type [6] Disposable type [7] Fire-retardant type 3 6 [8] Non fire-retardant type 1 Washing way of VILEDON air filter can be regenerated by washing: VILEDON air filter ■ Rinsing in water bath Washable type ■ Water spraying ■ Blowing with compressed air or vacuum cleaning ・To maintain the initial filter performance and property, please replace with new one  after cleaning about 5 times for unit type

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