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SKF Electric Motor Condition Monitoring Powerful visibility into the health and performance of industrial motors and equipment The Power of Knowledge Engineering Maximize return on investment in the motors that drive your business Why perform electrical tests on motors? SKF’s electric motor test and monitoring equipment is designed for use by predictive maintenance (PdM), manufac- Industrial electric motors are the pervasive engines of turing and motor service and repair professionals. PdM commerce. They literally drive industrial output. They support professionals rely upon SKF’s electric motor test and monitor- physical plant infrastructure such as the offices and factory ing solutions to provide crucial visibility into the condition of buildings throughout a given organization. From oilfield motor insulation and the machine’s motor drive. The solutions pumping stations to metal refineries, manufacturing produc- provide a powerful view that improves maintenance decisions tion lines and building HVAC systems, motors drive the and substantially reduces motor maintenance costs. Motor machinery and equipment that make businesses and organi- original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) use SKF’s stat- zations productive. These dependencies on motors make it ic-state motor testing systems to ensure production motors critical for organizations to maintain their motorized equip- meet their rigorous quality standards. Motor rebuilders and ment effectively and efficiently. They must do so while service shop personnel depend upon SKF motor analyzers to minimizing the cost and effort necessary to maximize the validate the rewinding and repair work they do is rock-solid, operational life and value of those motors and machinery. documented for quality assurance, and meets or exceeds their Proactive electrical testing and monitoring of motors helps customers’ expectations. organizations minimize maintenance costs and reduce costly unplanned downtime. Industrial maintenance professionals have used electrical motor test equipment for decades. SKF Electric Motor Condition Monitoring (EMCM) delivers some of the most innovative, cost-effective solutions to help organiza- tions around the world manage the condition of the electric motors and machinery they depend upon. Why motors often fail prematurely Proven static-state and dynamic-state Degraded insulation and worn or failed bearings are the motor test solutions from SKF leading causes of motor failure. There are two main types of SKF electrical motor test equipment enables detection of insulation in a motor: winding (also known as turn-to-turn) developing electric motor problems that vibration-only insulation, and ground-wall insulation. condition monitoring tools do not reveal. SKF static motor Dielectric strength of insulation is the ability to protect one testing analyzers perform tests on motors while in a static, or electrified wire from arcing to another wire, or to ground powered-down state. These analyzers are the best in the (earth). The dielectric strength of motor insulation naturally industry at detecting and analyzing winding and ground-wall degrades over time with normal use. However, when certain insulation weaknesses that would lead to premature motor common conditions occur, failure. These instruments also find motor circuit problems insulation degradation can that reduce motor performance and service life. SKF’s accelerate. Winding and ground- world-renowned Baker-branded products find motor wall insulation are both prone to insulation problems in static-state motors so maintenance accelerated degradation under professionals can proactively plan replacements and repairs conditions such as excessive heat, with a minimum impact on production, keeping the financial which can be induced by

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