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Assessment Practice DIRECTIONS Caught by the Sea is an autobiography, and The Voyage of the Frog is a novel. Read these excerpts and answer the questions that follow. assess Taking this practice test from Caught by the Sea by Gary Paulsen will help you assess your knowledge of these skills 1 The motor suddenly became an intrusion, an ugly sound, and as soon as and determine your I was past the jetties and was in open ocean I killed it. For a few seconds, half readiness for the Unit Test. a minute, we moved on in silence by inertia, coasting from the energy the review motor had given us, and then it died and I felt the breeze again on my face After you take the practice as I looked to the rear. It was pushing at the back edge of the sail and I pulled test, your teacher can help the tiller over to steer off the wind a bit and felt the sail fill. The boat moved you identify any standards differently now, started the dance with the wind and water and moonlight you need to review. as she heeled slightly and took on life, personality. We glided along in near silence, the only sound the soft gurgle of water along the hull. 2 I did not dare to walk forward in the dark and put up the jib, having never done it before, but she sailed pretty well on the mainsail alone and we kept our course, moving at three or four knots by the speedometer in the cockpit, until RL 1 Cite evidence that supports what the text says explicitly as daylight some four hours away, when the wind stopped, entirely, and left the well as inferences drawn from dawning ocean as still as a pond and me marooned some twelve miles offshore. the text. RI 1 Cite evidence that supports what the text says 3 I didn’t care. I was completely enraptured by what had happened to me. explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text. I lowered the mainsail and sat peacefully drifting around in circles, feeling at RI 4 Analyze the impact of home, truly at home. word choices on meaning and tone. RI 6 Determine an author’s 4 For the entire morning there was no wind, and while I might have had purpose. W 9 Draw evidence enough gas to motor partway back to the harbor, there was something wrong from literary or informational texts to support analysis. about using it on such a beautiful morning. I made a small pot of oatmeal on L 1 Demonstrate command the little stove and some instant coffee and ate breakfast in the cockpit, letting of standard English grammar when writing. L 2 Demonstrate the morning sun warm me; then I pulled my sleeping bag out of the cabin command of punctuation when and laid it in the cockpit and took a small sleep while the boat rocked gently writing. L 4a Use context as a clue to the meaning of a word. on the swells. L 4c Consult reference materials (e.g., dictionaries) to determine 5 A sound awakened me an hour or so later and I looked over the side to or clarify precise meaning. see the boat surrounded by swarms of small fish, maybe anchovies or herring. L 5 Demonstrate understanding of figurative language in word No sooner did I spot them than pelicans came in and began crash-diving meanings. around the boat and then other seabirds arrived, and within minutes a huge pod of dolphins, hundreds of them, showed up. The dolphins began working the school of bait fish, sweeping back and forth like happy wolves, thrashing the water with their tails, perhaps to stun the fish. Then they ate them by the thousands. 6 While I lay in the calm, all around the boat the sea seethed with life. After Practice the dolphins came some sharks, three or four on call to clean up the debris Test

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