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EUR/SAM CORRIDOR: “DOUBLE UNIDIRECTIONALITY” POST-IMPLEMENTATION COLLISION RISK ASSESSMENT EUR/SAM: “Double Unidirectionality” post-implementation collision risk assessment (January 2009) Table of contents • Introduction • Data availability and assumptions • Lateral collision risk assessment • Vertical collision risk assessment ¾ Technical vertical risk ¾ Operational risk • Conclusions and recommendations EUR/SAM: “Double Unidirectionality” post-implementation 2 collision risk assessment (January 2009) Introduction EUR/SAM: “Double Unidirectionality” post-implementation 3 collision risk assessment (January 2009) Introduction • This presentation shows the results for the “Double unidirectionality” post-implementation collision risk assessment in the EUR/SAM Corridor. • The assessment includes the calculation of lateral and vertical collision risk. EUR/SAM: “Double Unidirectionality” post-implementation 4 collision risk assessment (January 2009) Data availability and assumptions EUR/SAM: “Double Unidirectionality” post-implementation 5 collision risk assessment (January 2009) Data available • Flight progress data obtained from Palestra database for the Canaries UIR (10/07/2007-10/07/2008) • Traffic samples from EUR_SAM corridor FIRs from 01/09/2007 to 30/06/08 regarding Information on all aircraft overflying the airspace and on aircraft overflying the airspace that do not overfly the Canaries. EUR/SAM: “Double Unidirectionality” post-implementation 6 collision risk assessment (January 2009) Assumptions adopted • Some traffic samples do not include all the flights and/or all the information for the required waypoints. • Assumptions derived from the lack or incoherence of traffic data: ¾ Data from 10/07/07 to 10/07/08 used for Canaries assessments. ¾ Data from 01/11/07 to 31/01/08 and from 01/04/08 to 30/06/08 used for SAL, Dakar and Recife assessments. ¾ Data had to be extrapolated. ¾ Trajectories and information at required waypoints (i.e., time and FL) were assumed, considering the most logical routes and speeds. EUR/SAM: “Double Unidirectionality” post-implementation 7 collision risk assessment (January 2009) Problems detected and assumptions • Aircraft flying in opposite direction at the same flight level at the same time found on route UR-976 (SAL) ¾ During 2007-2008 there were not any collisions the flight level of one of the aircraft of each pair was changed • High percentage of proximate pairs detected at the same flight level on crossing routes (time difference at crossing point less than 10 minutes) ¾ No deviation reports received All of them considered as proximate pairs at different flight levels. EUR/SAM: “Double Unidirectionality” post-implementation 8 collision risk assessment (January 2009) Crossing traffic in non published routes (I) • Apart from the published crossing routes (UR-976/UA-602, UL-435 and UL-695/UL-375), several crossing trajectories have been identified. • Only those with more than 50 aircraft per annum have been analysed. EUR/SAM: “Double Unidirectionality” post-implementation 9 collision risk assessment (January 2009) Crossing traffic in non published routes (II) • Analysed non published routes: ¾ CVS-GUNET ¾ LIMAL-ETIBA ¾ EDUMO-APASO ¾ ULTEM-KENOX ¾ GUNET-LUMPO ¾ GAMBA-TENPA ¾ CVS-AMDOL ¾ BOTNO-CVS ¾ TENPA-CVS ¾ COOR1-GAMBA ¾ COOR1-EDUMO ¾ COOR2-KENOX ¾ COOR3-EDUMO ¾ ULTEM-LUMPO EUR/SAM: “Double Unidirectionality” post-implementation 10 collision risk assessment (January 2009) Assumptions about the direct routes (RANDOM) • Traffic on the direct routes ROSTA-NADIR and NADIR-ABALO (RANDOM) has not been considered in the risk assessments. • It is assumed that risk due to these routes will not dramatically change the results obtained because… Traffic on

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