• Document: fairy tale is a magazine created by the design studio vier5 in paris. vier5 are marco fiedler and achim reichert.
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FAIRY TALE fairy tale is a magazine created by the design studio vier5 in paris. vier5 are marco fiedler and achim reichert. what is important for vier5 is the modern style of the magazine and the high quality of its design and text. fairy tale is published three times a year. every issue has a special theme and every issue contains two parts, each looking at the theme of the issue in a different way. the focus of the magazine is fashion, beauty, art and design. vier5 is dedicated to producing a magazine of high standard, both in its design and also in the text and content. for the design vier5 was interested in creating a magazine with a very modern style and in high quality. the aim was to be experimental, for instance doing different covers or working via experimental techniques (for example in production/printing of the cover). reading and looking through fairy tale should be an intellectual experience for the reader. the articles should be thought-provoking as should the design and photography. reading the magazine should also inspire the reader's creativity. Fairy Tale 139, rue du Faubourg St.Denis 75010 Paris tel. 00 33 1 42 05 09 90 www.fairytale-magazine.com 15.02.04 FAIRY TALE advertising 1 fairy tale should give the reader a sense of luxury and and even if it has a ordinary distribution, available in a magazine-store it should give him the feeling of a unique piece. fairy tale is sold in following shops: colette (paris), the pineal eye (london), corso como (milan), scalo (zürich), printed matter (ny), nijhof&lee (amsterdam), gas shop (tokyo), ..... 16.02.04 FAIRY TALE advertising 2 advertising: advertising clients are seen as partners. fairy tale has 10-15 places for advertising in the magazine. the ads are a part of the design of the magazine. they are seen as a part of it and not additional items. they should complement the design and the content of the magazine. the advertising stands very close to the articles and fairy tale offers only limited advertising space to give them more significance in the magazine/story. advertising is always at the beginning of an article/story or at the end. the advertising should help introduce the article or should close it. if you occupy an advertising space in the magazine your ad would never be seen directly next to another ad on a subsequent page. vier5 is interested in showing good advertising as a form of design-culture. there are two ways to make an advertisment in fairy tale: a final advertisment (its design must be of interest to vier5) can be submitted to fairy tale or fairy tale will design the advertisment for the client/partner. this is particularly successful for clients/partners when they do not normally run a campaign or when they want to create a special event for their product or even when they are simply curious to see how their advertising would look when designed by vier5. 16.02.04 FAIRY TALE advertising 3 an advertisment should be treated like a good book or a good magazine. you should want to save it. FAIRY TALE advertising 4 prices: cover inside1: s/w 1900 euro, + tax; colour 2300 euro, + tax cover inside 2: s/w 1900 euro, + tax; colour 2300 euro, + tax cover back outside: s/w 2100 euro + tax; colour 2500 euro, + tax inside the books are 4 places, related to the articles, single pages or double pages. single page: s/w 1800 euro, + tax; colour 2200 euro, + tax double page: s/w 2600 euro, + tax; colour 3200 euro, + tax if a partner orders more than one advertising there will be a discount of 10%. reservation deadline for issue «haute couture» is to be defined visuals by date to be defined. 16.02.04 FAIRY TALE advertising 5 fairy tale comes out three times a year. next issue “haute couture” spring 2004. distributed by ofr systems in paris. it is sold in following countries: france, uk, germany, italy, switzerland, netherlands, austria, japan and the u.s. number of copies: +- 6.000 formats: type area: 203 x 290 mm wxh bleed size: 230 x 330 mm wxh technical bound with staples: trim size 222 x 327 wxh in special cases other bindings are possible paper coated mat, white picture-print data: 154 lpi cancellation dates: 2 weeks before publication data delivery as pdf 300 dpi on cd-rom or made available on a ftp-site. if delivered as open quark file please provide a pdf file for control. for colour prints please provide us with a colour proof related to our paper. pre-press computer to plate (ctp), without films. printing in black and white and cymk offset. other techniques like silkscreen are possible.

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