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www.eos.info EOS 2014 · Basic training M 2XX IDT Page 1 EOS – Leader in e-Manufacturing Solutions Corporate Presentation Settembre 2014 This presentation may contain confidential and/or privileged information. Any unauthorized copying, disclosure or distribution of the material in this document is strictly forbidden. EOS: Global Presence EOS worldwide installed base EOS global footprint ̰ ~1,500 Systems Customers in 51 countries EOS Sales & Service offices in 11 countries, ~40% Metal systems distribution partners in 22 countries ~60% Polymer systems More than 600 employees worldwide ~300 customers with more than 1 system (74% Germany, 26% International) Strong patent portfolio: More than 700 active patents in nearly 100 patent families R&D Spendings of approx. 15% of Sales North Europe & Asia- America Rest of World Pacific 15% 67% 18% of global client base of global client base of global client base Source: EOS. Installed base (includes purchased and rented systems) as per 12/2013. Staff figures as per 09/2013. EOS Corporate Presentation | 3 Customers from Numerous Industries Rely on EOS Technology OEMs Service Providers Sample customers. EOS Corporate Presentation | 4 McKinsey considers 3D Printing one of the 12 potentially most disruptive technologies… „12 potentially disruptive technologies” Advantages of 3D Printing Productivity advantage Automation of Rapid prototyping and serial Renewable Advanced Knowledge applications Energy robots Work $ Cost advantage Integrated functionality Energy Next- without assembly Generation 3D Storage Printing Genomics Freedom of design Lightweight Complex component Cloud Mobile Autonomous Technology Internet Vehicles Customisation Customer specific adaptations Internet Advanced Oil & Cost efficient small series of Advanced Gas Things Materials Exploitation Source: McKinsey Global Institute Analysis 2013 EOS Corporate Presentation | 5 „Enterprise 3D Printing“ – we are on the “Slope of Enlightenment” “The Manufacturing Technology that will change the World“ The Economist, 2011 The Economist, 2012 Source: Gartner (July 2013) EOS_Company-Presentation.pptx | EOS | 6 Computerworld, 2013 Tutte le industrie devono affrontare sfide identiche – Additive Manufacturing offre soluzioni uniche

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