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HOW TO BUILD YOUR PLYFLY GO-KART! For Ages 12+ PlyFly Go‑Kart Instruction Guide • 2015 Release Thank you for supporting the FLATWORKS Kickstarter campaign. Your contribution is a great help, and your support is much appreciated. Thank you We hope you’re as excited to get started on your new adventure as we are to be working on the FLATWORKS. Enjoy your new Plyfly Go‑Kart! Check back soon and see what else we make! the Flatworks Crew, & 150718 PLYFLY rev A_Cover |August7,20155:06PM II Steven Hynes Jim Cam McCulloch K Brotman Alan Miyasaki Dennis Cox Stephan Schnitker Chris DePerro Chris Patton Family Woo Joe Barton Marcus Leef Liam Newman Tyra Hammett No Regrets Nathan Pelsor Mohit Ray Colwell Douglas Dayton Sam Bell Henry E. Sam Bowling Emily H. Carl Moulton Lindsey Zimmerman Andrew Marc Mark ChengIan Anthony Tim Owens Drummond Joshua Marcus Chris Porter CJBCN Joe W. Matthew Clark James “Udub” Underwood Greg Brncick Ryan Bradley Jesse Cannone Grandpa Rex Michael Lindahl Luke Alex Gomes Adam “Hock” Hocherman Jim Mahoney Lindsay Lauber Michael McGrath Tim Baker Joseph Asti Dave Krugman Karl Eberhardt Nick Vines Daniel Cianci Tomas Petru Herk Scott Newman David Moore Brian Jepson Russ Kadooka David Geisinger Steve Baker Mitch Ken Short Louis Tovar Bob Andrew B. Bartels Mark Tracy Brian Kaleida Anonymous Matthew & Keri Michael Lindahl Zee JouleLee Tiegen 150718 PLYFLY rev A_Cover |August7,20155:06PM III What's Inside? 1 Exploring the kit 1 8 Pedal Assemblies 25 Warnings and safety 2 Plywood sheet reference 26 Handling and storage 2 Recommended tools 26 Why Wood? 3 Required hardware 26 Good to know

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