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Lightweight packaging has become a heavyweight argument 1 A lighter approach to packaging Lightweight packaging is our answer to the demands of the liquid food industry and informed consumers who ask for modern and clever packages. By using a minimal amount of material, we create a lightweight package that combines low environmental impact with consumer convenience. With its unique shape it stands out on the store shelf and attracts fast moving consumers. Saving raw material saves energy during production, transport and waste handling, which puts it in line with the global demand of a resource- saving society. Saving resources is saving the environment – and that is why lightweight is a heavyweight argument. Welcome to Ecolean. 2 3 Everywhere you want to go All consumers, regardless of gender, nationality and age, are attracted to smart, practical and well-designed packages. At the Swedish company Ecolean, ingenious engineering has resulted in a flexible and lightweight package shaped like a pitcher. It stands stable, even when it’s almost empty, and the air-filled handle is easy to grip and makes it easy to pour or drink from with or without a straw. The unique shape and the modern feel of the Ecolean package helps dairy and beverage producers to differentiate products from com- petitors in the store battle of catching consumers’ attention. There are no other packages like the Ecolean package and it helps brands to be top-of-mind. Not only does the shape of the package help to strengthen the identity of a brand but Ecolean packaging also offer consumer conveni- ence and an improved environmental profile. The Ecolean packages come in various sizes, family packages and portion packages. By using two kinds of packaging systems, we can offer solutions for chilled and ambient distribution. The alternatives are many and we are here for you. Where do you want to take your brand? 4 5 How does it perform in the hands of a consumer? The Ecolean package is soft and flexible but still sturdy makes it easy to grip, pour and hold. Thanks to the and strong. user convenience built into its design, consumers adapt Whether you are young or old, it is easy to use. It is to the new lightweight concept quickly. kids play to tear off the opening and the air handle On the go Safe The portion pack is perfect when on The Ecolean packages are hermetically the go and fits well for example in a sealed from factory and whether it’s sport bag or a child’s lunch box. Kids for chilled or ambient distribution they will love the smooth handle and the will keep your product nutritious, fresh possibility to drink from a straw

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