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1 About the Author Writing with the authority of more than forty-five years of continuous experience of higher conscious states, GOPI KRISHNA has provided the world with a literal treasure of writings and discourses on the vast subjects of consciousness and evolution. During the last twenty years of his life, Gopi Krishna devoted his energies to presenting the world with his ideas about the present world condition and the future evolution of the human race. By the time he passed away in July 1984 at the age of 81, he was acclaimed as a leading authority on the science of Kundalini and Consciousness Research. Gopi Krishna's quest was to bring awareness and understanding of the dangerous situation that mankind is in at present. He believed that the race is in a continuing state of evolution, but has now reached a crucial stage in this development. Mankind is on the verge of a giant leap toward higher states of consciousness but at the same time has the knowledge and means to destroy himself and the planet at the push of a button. He asserts that there are Divine Laws which are ruling our progress. The time has now come for mankind to understand these inviolable Laws and learn to live in harmony with his fellow human beings so that our evolution may proceed in a healthy way. Other Books by the Author in UBSPD 1. Kundalini — The Secret of Yoga 2. The Purpose of Yoga 3. The Evolution of Higher Consciousness 4. Three Perspectives of Kundalini 5. The Wonder of the Brain 6. The Divine Possibilities in Man Ancient Secrets of KUNDALINI (Hidden in Panchastavi) — Gopi Krishna 2 UBS Publishers' Distributors Ltd. 5 Ansari Road, New Delhi-110 002 Phones. 3273601, 3266646 * Cable : ALLBOOKS * Fax : (91) 11-327-6593 e-mail: ubspd del@smy.sprintrpg.ems.vsnl.net in Apeejay Chambers, 5 Wallace Street, Mumbai-400 001 Phones 2076971,2077700 * Cable : UBSIPUB A Fax : 2070827 10 First Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Bangalore-560 009 Phones :2263901, 2263902, 2253903 * Cable : ALLBOOKS * Fax : 2263904 6, Sivaganga Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai-600 034 Phone : 8276355, 8270189 * Cable : UBSIPUB * Fax : 8278920 8/1-B. Chowringhee Lane, Calcutta-700 016 Phones : 2441821, 2442910, 2449473 * Cable : UBSIPUBS * Fax : 2450027 5 A, Rajendra Nagar, Patna-800 016 Phones 672856, 673973, 656170 * Cable : UBSPUB * Fax: 656169 80, Noronha Road, Cantonment, Kanpur-208 004 Phones :369124, 362665, 357488 * Fax: 315122 Copyright © Gopi Krishna First Published 1995 First Reprint 1996 Second Reprint 1997 ISBN: 81-7476-043-1 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. Published in arrangement with F.I.N.D. Research Trust R.R. 5 Flesherton, Ontario, Canada, NOC 1EO The Kundalini Research Foundation, Ltd. P.O. Box 2248 Noroton Heights, CT. 06820, U S.A. 3 Bioenergy Research Foundation Carol L Strop CPA, 147 S Granados Avenue Solana Beach, CA 92075, U.S.A. Cover design: UBS Art Studio Designed & Typeset at UBSPD in 11 pt. New Baskerville Printed at Rajkamal Electric Press, Delhi Contents 1. Mystical Knowledge The Antiquity of the Shakti Doctrines Kundalini in Other Cultures The Cosmic Life-Energy 2. Shiva and Shakti The Veil of Maya How Karma Works Normal and Paranormal Perception The Wonder of Higher Consciousness 3. Mystical Experience and Modern Science Mind and Brain Seven Levels of Consciousness Science and Indian Philosophy The Limitations of the Intellect 4. The Nature of Reality Mystical Vision — A Form of Genius True Mystical Experience 4 Kundalini as the Creatrix Illuminative Radiance and a Cosmic Sound 5. The Inner Universe Altered States of Consciousness Perennial Ecstasy Kundalini as the Ideal of Beauty The Magnetic Power of the Illuminati References Panchastavi First Canto Second Canto Third Canto Fourth Canto Fifth Canto Mystical Knowledge The Antiquity of the Shakti doctrines Like a priceless gem, lying hidden in the cavernous interior of a mountain, Panchastavi, a peerless hymn of praise addressed to Kundalini, has lain shielded from the eyes of the world by the snow- capped high mountain peaks that surround the beautiful vale of Kashmir, once said to be a lake known by the charming name of Sati-Sar. Except for one out of the five Cantos, which comprise the whole book, practically nothing is known about this superb composition, obviously of a Kashmiri poet to the erudite scholars in other parts of the country. How such a rare book could remain unknown and unappreciated beyond the confines of the valley, for a period of over one thousand years, remains a mystery for which we have no explanation at present. Convulsive political upheavals and the barbarous oppression, through which the Brahmins of Kashmir pa

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