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Electrical Standard Products Larsen & Toubro Limited Powai Campus, Mumbai 400 072 Tel: 022-6705 0505 L&T MOTOR Fax: 022-6705 1746 E-mail: ebg-esp@LNTEBG.com STARTER Website: www.LNTEBG.com HANDBOOK CONTENT Page No. SECTION I General 1 SECTION II Normal connections for 4 Introduction Direct-on-line (DOL) starters This handbook attempts to illustrate typical circuit SECTION III Normal connections for 19 arrangements for DOL, Star-Delta and other Star-delta starters combinations of motor starters using L&T contactors, overload relays, timers, push buttons, rotary switches and SECTION IV Normal l connections for 70 other accessories. reversing Starters Normal connections for l 75 These circuits can be used as guidelines when planning pole changing Starters switchboards or control panels. They can also be utilised for maintenance of standard L&T starters. SECTION V Applications 79 SECTION VI Chart of relay ranges 90 & back up fuses SECTION VII Information for Installation & 107 Preventive Maintenance SECTION VIII Trouble shooting chart 111 for starters SECTION IX Capacitor ratings for 115 power factor improvement SECTION X Switchgear l Standard Products Range 118 Switchgear l Training Centers * Section IV contains wiring diagrams of the starters which are not manufactured by L&T at present. Wiring diagram of such starters are given for reference purpose. STARTERS FARMER’S CHOICE FOR AGRICULTURAL AND DOMESTIC USE NEW MU/MB DOL AND INDUSTRIAL STARTERS STAR DELTA STARTERS - TYPE ML (Specially Designed for Agriculture Sector) (for 10hp 30hp motors) SECTION I General Relay l setting Tripping l of starters Back up l fuses Coil Voltage l INDUSTRIAL STARTERS - TYPE MN SECTION I General To provide motors with accurate and reliable protection, it is L&T offers manual reset type thermal overload relays. These essential to keep the following points in mind : relays clearly discriminate between tripping caused by an overload and tripping due to failure of supply voltage. MN relays 1) Relay setting also give protection against single phasing and overload. MN The overload relay unit is the protection center of the motor relays are provided with Auto/Manual reset facility.When a starter starter. Relays come in a number of ranges. Selection of a relay for trips because of an overloa

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