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Power pill byby The Leviathan In a tenth floor office of the Downtown Center, Lizabeth shows Nurse Strong's newest technological breakthrough to Jessica. NOw we just have Really! Even though it's only to decide what to the size of a gumball, it can do with it. draw in enough energy to power all of planet earth for decades! GULP! All that power just sitting there! As the micro-fusion generator begins to cycle up a glow begins I couldn't help to form around Jessica's body. myself! Oh! I'm starting to feel it! It's starting Almost imperceptably at first, Jessica's clothing tightens ever so t0 draw power into slightly. Her dress begins to sag me! under the weight of breasts that already test it's limits. Jessica lets out a breath of exhilaration as the fusion generator suddenly begins it's first phase, streaming energy directly into her body. Her already ample figure quickly begins to exceed the limits of her skin-thight wardrobe. Her dress springs taunt as her breasts lurch fowrward with a sudden burst of growth. Her silk gloves begin to give way under the strain bulgling muscles. Her legs creak and stretch as she grows taller. !! Jessica is taken aback by the speed and intesity of her transformation. She exspected some growth, perhaps a 2-3x increase in muscle mass, but only moments after having swallowed the Oh gosh! generator her muscle mass has increased 10 fold. Those are some She tries futily to hold in the flood of flesh as her body swells against her clothing. muscles! woo, hey... it's... a little getting a little tight... *oh!* snug there... ...around the bust... Jessica's muscles heave and swell ever more rapidly. She begins to worry maybe she is in over her head. Don't be silly! Growing that big is impossible! It's more than i anticipated but I can handle it! grrk! grrk! I've got it... under.... control... Jesica struggles with all her might against the transformation but the power within her seems to be increasing! The last shreads of her tattered clothing begin to give way, exposing her massive nude physique. She can hardly hold herself together. She begins to salivate profusly, tears flow from her eyes as she struggles to gain control over the overwhelming orgasmic force that treatens to fill her beyond capacity. As the micro-fusion OMG! generator cycles into it's second phase, Jessica's head hits the ceiling as her phyisical growth suddenly OMG! accelerates. it feels so good! I can't hold it in! ergruuunnnkrrr! my muscles!!! Uhrg! As the full force of the second cycle hits her, Jessica's muscles nearly explode. She's overwhelmed by an explosive bout of growth which presses her against the ceiling as every inch of the room is filled by her exspanding body mass. As the power of the micro-fusion generator continutes to fill her body, Jessica's hulking form tears through the ceiling and into the eleventh floor offices. Uuugh! It's not stopping! I'm getting bigger! In only a matter of moments Jessica grows increasingly I'm loosing control! larger. She lets out a grunt of The power isn't resistance as her immense bulk running out, it's begins to push through the next increasing! What have I floor of the highrise. done?!! uuungr! Jessica's gigantic body continues to grow in all directions forcing her massively muscled legs through the ceiling of the downtown center's three story lobby, burying her feet into the marble floor with titanic force. Jessica's body rapidly gains mass, propelling her through floor after floor of the Downtown Center. Finally, after 20 stories of steal gerters and concrete, Jessica's gargantuan body bursts through the roof of the Downtown Center. I ca

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