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YAH SERIES FAN COIL UNITS YAH SERIES FAN COIL UNITS YAH Series Fan Coil Units Johnson Controls’ YORK® YAH YORK® YAH series fan coil units have 10 Cooling and heating coil use copper ceiling mounted cabinet fan coil different models. The cooling capacity tubes with corrugated fins. The fan, motor units are terminal points of central ranges from 7.8kW to 240.4kW, and air and belt pulley are all high-quality air-conditioning systems. They are flow from 1500m3/h to 15000m3/h. Rated products producing stable and efficient designed for fresh air units or to external total pressure ranges from 180 to performance. The fan is a forward curved cool, heat, humidify and de-humidify, 340 Pa. More external total pressure can centrifugal model that works on double filter and clean the air, etc. be provided for flexible application. air inlets. The motor features IP55 and The conditioned air can be delivered a type F insulation with self-lubricating to locations across various distances Each unit is made from galvanized steel bearings, and standard motor efficiency via specially designed ducts. The with 10mm thick polyethylene inner reaches to IE3 class(IEC60034-30). units are especially suitable for the insulation. It contains a built-in cooling The externally mounted filter can be air-conditioning of commercial coil and fan, and externally mounted withdrawn from side or bottom. buildings and industry applications. nylon air filters. Features • Easy installation • Lower unit height for low floor ceiling application • Low noise • Filter can be withdrawn from side or bottom Nomenclature & Features YAH: YORK Ceiling Mounted Design serial Air Handling Unit number: D Johnson Controls’ YORK® YAH Ceiling Mounted Cabinet Fan Coil Unit Nominal airflow: External total pressure code: 1-Nominal external total model code X 103m3/h pressure Fan drive type: Pipe Connec

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