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Josh Bloom Partner Simon-Kucher 1 Licensing Model Transitions Simon-Kucher and Partners 2016 Silicon Valley Office 100 View Street Mountain View, CA 94041 Cell: (650) 691 3315 Joshua.Bloom@simon-kucher.com www.simon-kucher.com Simon-Kucher & Partners at a glance World leader in pricing Best consultancies in marketing and sales manager magazine World leader in giving The world’s leading advice to companies on how to price their products pricing consultancy 1 Simon-Kucher & Partners BusinessWeek The Economist 2 Boston Consulting Group In pricing you offer Pricing strategy something nobody else specialists The Wall Street Journal does Professor Peter Drucker 3 McKinsey & Company Global presence >3,000 projects in the last 2 years 30 offices worldwide, >1,000 employees Strategy Marketing  Growth and competitive >$250m in revenue > 500 > 500 strategies Toronto Beijing  Product portfolio Boston New York San Francisco Tokyo (re-)design Amsterdam Madrid Mountain View Atlanta Bonn Milan Dubai  Pricing excellence Brussels Munich Cologne Paris Singapore  Customer relationship and Copenhagen Warsaw customer value management São Paulo Frankfurt Vienna Istanbul Zurich  Sales strategies and sales Santiago de Chile London Sydney Sales Pricing Luxembourg channel optimization > 500 > 1,500 Source: Simon-Kucher 3 Simon-Kucher Global Pricing Study of >2k companies 83% report increasing price pressure 58% are in price war Price increase achievement - 37% lowest number ever measured Source: Simon Kucher Global Pricing Study 2016; >2k companies across the world; 39% C-level executives 4 How do companies seek to achieve Pricing Power? Top 5 options to escape oppressive market cond

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