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Product Guide Silicon Graphics® 540 Visual Workstation FPO The Silicon Graphics® 540 visual workstation from SGI is the ultimate Windows NT® visual computing system, delivering unequaled performance and quality for the most demanding graphics and media applications. With its sizzling 2D and 3D graphics, professional digital video and multimedia capabilities, four-processor scalability, and enormous expansion capacity, Silicon Graphics 540 represents a landmark in computing. It is the first workstation to couple high-end visual computing with mainstream compatibility and affordability. High-End Performance at a Mainstream Price Breakthrough Technology and that delivers truly astonishing performance. Breakthrough Performance The IVC architecture also integrates sophisticated The Silicon Graphics 540 visual workstation video, CD-quality audio, high-speed networking, gets its extraordinary capabilities from a new- and fast, high-capacity disk drives, making generation computing architecture, light-years Silicon Graphics 540 a complete high-end ahead of other Windows NT workstations. These multimedia system. In fact, the architectural PC-architecture systems, with their slow buses innovation is visually extended by integrating and need to support legacy protocols, lack the support for the revolutionary Silicon Graphics® resources needed for leading-edge visual tasks 1600SW digital flat panel monitor. This combi- such as advanced 3D modeling, complex image nation of leading technologies sets a new processing, and professional video editing. standard for visual computing solutions. They’re missing the accelerated 2D and 3D graphics processing, the enormous throughput, Equally remarkable, Silicon Graphics 540 provides and the massive graphics memory that those these next-generation technologies without jobs require. Attempts to get around such sacrificing compatibility. It’s built on Intel® limitations through add-on cards such as Pentium® III Xeon™ processors, Microsoft® graphics accelerators and video capture cards, Windows NT, Universal PCI v2.1, and USB. and through buses such as AGP, yield only Standard graphics and media software APIs such modest gains. All processing is still funneled as OpenGL®, DirectX®, and QuickTime® 4 are through the same antiquated PC architecture, preloaded and accelerated. You can now run with its many built-in bottlenecks. your favorite Windows NT applications with unsurpassed performance. In response, SGI wiped the slate clean by designing a Windows NT workstation from the Breakthrough technology, with breakthrough ground up, creating a 21st-century architecture value: while its performance puts it in a class free from the limitations of the past. The with systems costing tens of thousands of Integrated Visual Computing (IVC) architecture dollars, Silicon Graphics 540 sells for no more provides a tightly integrated combination of than a mainstream personal workstation. high-speed graphics acceleration, high-speed interconnects, and scalable graphics memory The Ultimate Graphics and Media Workstation Silicon Graphics 540 is designed to provide a total solution for visual computing professionals, and that means addressing the full array of visual tasks, from 3D modeling and image editing to 2 1 analysis, video editing, and visualization. These are the basic building blocks of visual computing. Whether you’re an architect or a graphic artist, a game designer or an automotive engineer, a satellite image analyst or a video effects specialist, your work is likely to involve some combination of these fundamental tasks. Fortunately, SGI is taking the visual capabilities of Windows NT workstations to places never dreamt of before. Few competitive systems can accomplish even one of these visual computing tasks; none can handle them all. Silicon Graphics 540 provides outstanding performance in all facets of visual computing, enabling you to move from task to task with unprecedented speed and responsiveness. The result is an explosive productivity boost, accelerated time to insight, and exciting new creative possibilities. Silicon Graphics 540 Quick Specs • Supports up to four Intel Pentium III Xeon processors • SGI™ Integrated Visual Computing architecture with Cobalt™ graphics chipset • Scalability to 2GB ECC SDRAM memory • Standard Ultra2 SCSI drive with up to 54GB disk capacity • 10/100Base-T, IEEE 1394*, USB, S-Video, composite video, and audio • Optional Silicon Graphics® SD1100 dual-channel serial digital video I/O * Additional software required. 5 3

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