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MATC Introductory Biochemistry Natural Science 186 Fall 2011 Tuesday A235 10:00-12:55 pm Thursday A235 10:00-12:00 August 25, 2011 to December 20, 2011 ***Note: The following is a tentative syllabus only.*** Fall 2011 face-to-face day class North I. General Information A. Instructor’s name: Brenda E. Wingard-Haynes, MS B. Instructor’s office number and hours: LAS Office A211 TBA C. Instructor’s telephone number: 262-238-2280 D. Instructor’s e-mail: wingardb@matc.edu. (Please use the message board on BB to send e-mails. Use the MATC e-mail only for emergencies) E. Science Center (course related assistance): C-271 (Academic Support Center) F. Texts: 1. Lecture Texts: TBA 2. Lab Text: Nat Sci 186/209 Lab Experiments by Bettelheim, et. al. (you may share with your lab partner) G. Other useful items: Calculator for pH problems H. Course Prerequisite: One year of high school chemistry or Natural Science 110 (passing grade of “B-/C” or better). A college level chemistry course is advisable. I. COSMO ID and access to Blackboard (required) J. Course Time Commitment: Approximately 1-2 hour outside time per contact hour to pass with a “B-” is the general rule of thumb. If you are unfamiliar with this general field of study, this course may require more of your time. If you have prior related study or experience, this course may require less time. II. Types of Tests and Graded Events A. Hour Exams: There will be regular unit exams worth 100 pts. for each unit. Some may be administered through Blackboard; most will be administered in class. There will be no make-ups as students benefit from reviewing the test immediately after its administration. Thus, to accommodate the possibility of a missed exam, the lowest exam score will be dropped from your grade (note, you may not drop the metabolism unit exam and you may not drop the lab exam). There is no plan for a cumulative final exam in this course at this time. B. Miscellaneous Graded Events: Additional graded events such as quizzes, in class assignments, reports, final presentation etc. may be offered, as time and necessity permits. In support of the MATC core competencies and course outcome summary, students will have opportunities for group work, peer led discussions, etc. Homework is collected for points and represents part of the grade. C. Extra Credit: Occasional extra credit is offered and will be announced as the course progresses. E. Labs and Lab Exam: Labs are discussed in greater detail below. Lab exercises are primarily participatory, although pre-labs must be completed before a lab is begun. There will be a lab exam at the end of the semester, covering lab exercise content. Course Procedure The text is not programmed but contains sample problems and study checks in each section. In addition, each section and chapter concludes with a question and problem section. The answers to all study checks and to the odd numbered questions and problems are given at the end of the text. Details will be announced regarding HW specifics although the text will likely support a homework helper. Problem sets will count for token points to encourage students to do additional problems. Students are encouraged to contact the instructor if they have questions. It is best to contact the instructor as soon as a problem arises so as to avoid falling behind in the course or failing a test. Fall 2011 2 Laboratory Guidelines and Safety A. OSHA Hazard Communication Standard In compliance with the Right-to-Know Law and OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, you will be appraised of the hazards of the chemicals you will use in the laboratory by: A. The NFPA Warning System on all reagent bottles. B. The Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to be found in the back of the laboratory B. Laboratory Attendance It is expected that students arrive prepared and on time for a lab. If a student arrives after the instructor has

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