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THE BULLDOG. A MONOGRAPH THIRD EDITION. BY EDGAR FARMAN, Honorary Member of the Bulldog Club (Incorporated), &c. LONDO N: THE " KKNNKL GAZETTE," 7,' GRAFTON STREET, BOND STREET, W, 1903. Visit VivyLand on the web for English Bulldog greeting cards, gifts, and information http://www.vivyland.com The Bulldog, devoted solely to the most barbarous and infamous purposes, the real blackguard of his species, has no claim upon utility, humanity, or common sense, and the total extinction of the breed is a desirable consummation.— "BRITISH FIELD SPORTS," 1818. TO MY FRIEND JOHN WILLIAM ROSS. ESQUIRE. PALL MALL. LONDON, I DEDICATE THIS BOOK AS A MARK OF MY ESTEEM, TO THE F I R S T EDITION. ENCOURAGED by the reception that my previous literary efforts on behalf of the National breed have received, I have undertaken the production of the present work, in the hope that its pages will be found useful for reference as an historical and practical volume upon the English Bulldog. It has been my endeavor to deal with the subject in such a way that this single volume may embrace information until now scattered in many quarters. This equally applies to the history of the Bulldog Club Incorporated, which, until the articles written by me during my Honorary Editorship of the Kennel Gazette appeared in that journal, had never been published. Since these articles appeared, I have been able to augment the information they contained in several important particulars, and especially by the inclusion of the first report of the proceedings of the Club, which will be of great interest to past as well as to present members, and will supply a gap in its history, which has existed for a quarter of a century. The illustrations have been selected with the view of including portraits of the more typical Bulldogs of the century, from the days when bull-baiting was a flourishing form of sport down to this, its closing year. I have in the chapter dealing with the illustrations given further particulars supplementary to the information given at the foot of each. Preface. In dealing with the Bulldogs themselves, I have traced their history from the Bull-baiting and dog-fighting era down to the commencement of the dog showing period, and from those days until now, in a way that I hope may prove interesting to the general reader. I have added such details, both with regard to strains and pedigrees, and to notable owners as will make the book helpful for future reference. As a work upon Bulldogs without reference to Toy Bulldogs and their recent introduction to the show bench would be incomplete, I have added a chapter concerning these diminutive representatives of the breed. The production of the volume has necessarily entailed considerable labour and research, but the labour has been expended upon a breed I have been devoted to for many years, and if the perusal of the book proves interesting to the reader I shall consider myself amply repaid for any trouble expended in its preparation. In order to facilitate ready reference, separate indices have been supplied of all the persons and dogs mentioned in the volume, in addition to the general index and the chapter dealing with the illustrations, which latter contains references to the page where each illustration can be found. I desire to express my sincere thanks to all those who have in any way assisted by supplying me with or affording me the opportunity of obtaining information, and especially I wish to acknowledge the aid thus given by Mr. James "W. Berrie, Mr. Frank W. Crowther, Mr. Cyril F. W, Jackson, Mr. Sam Woodiwiss, Mr. G. W. Richards, and Mr. Alfred George. I have also to thank all those who have kindly lent me photographs for repro- duction. EDGAR FARMAN. The Kennel Club, November, 1899. PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION. THE demand for copies of this work resulting in the need for a second edition early in the year is naturally gratifying to the Author, as evidencing that the contents of these pages have proved of use to those interested in the national breed. The chapters requiring additions have been brought up to date, and I am able to publish some interesting additions to the chapter comprising the historical sketch of the Bulldog. I take this opportunity of sincerely thanking many friends and other readers, personally unknown to me, and also the many organs of the Press who have in kindly terms expressed appreciation of my labours.

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