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Generator Circuit Breakers General Review Why ? Gary Meekins GCB Standards and Areva T&D How they apply to GCB’s 770-904-2927 1 Generator Circuit-Breakers Why / Benefits Generator Circuit Breakers were used in multi-unit stations where a number of relatively small generators were connected to a common bus. The rapid increase in generator size and system fault current levels soon exceeded the interrupting capabilities of this type of switchgear. The unit concept was then adopted where each generator had a separate steam supply [and] auxiliary systems [are] directly connected step-up transformer and high side breaker(s). . . . . advances in circuit breaker design(s) have made the generator circuit breaker concept a viable alternative even at the 250 kilo-ampere level required for some applications. A major advantage of the generator circuit breaker is that fault current contributions from the generator can be interrupted in 5 to 7cycles (now it's 3 - 5 cycles) for faults in the isolated phase bus or on the high side of the generator step up transformer. IEEE – Atlanta Chapter Other advantages include the elimination of transfer of auxiliary loads (auxiliary transformer remains connected to the system), and improved reliability when the generator is synchronized with the system. (IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems, Vol. PAS-I02, No.9, September 1983) 2 1 GCB Standards C37.013 Generator circuits experience conditions that are not common and are certainly more demanding than those experienced in normal distribution circuits. These unique characteristics require breakers that have been specifically designed and tested. IEEE has developed the only standard known world wide specifically addressing the requirements for this application The first editions of the standard, C37.013, focused on large power stations. Later revisions included applications on smaller generation plants and today, the standard is being revised to include comments from the international community. (Are All Circuit Breakers Created Equal? Certainly NOT When it Comes to Generator Circuit William Long and Dr. Kirkland Smith: Eaton Technology and Eaton Cutler-Hammer Business, respectively) IEEE – Atlanta Chapter 3 Generator Circuit-Breakers Why / Benefits DIAGRAM WITHOUT GCB H.V. NETWORK DIAGRAM WITH GCB IEEE – Atlanta Chapter 4 2

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