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High Voltage Engineering Enrique Gaxiola Many thanks to the Electrical Power Systems Group, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands & CERN AB-BT Group colleagues Introductory examples Theoretical foundation and numerical field simulation methods Generation of high voltages Insulation and Breakdown Measurement techniques CAS on Small Accelerators Introduction E.Gaxiola: Studied Power Engineering Ph.D. on Dielectric Breakdown in Insulating Gases; Non-Uniform Fields and Space Charge Effects Industry R&D on Plasma Physics / Gas Discharges CERN Accelerators & Beam, Beam Transfer, Kicker Innovations: • Electromagnetism • Beam impedance reduction • Vacuum high voltage breakdown in traveling wave structures. • Pulsed power semiconductor applications CAS on Small Accelerators CERN Septa and Kicker examples 4 x MKQAV 4 x KKQAH • Large Hadron Collider LHC 30 x MKD 14 TeV • Super Proton Synchrotron 12 x MKBV 8 x MKBH 4 x MKI 450 GeV 4 x MKP 4 x MKE • Proton Synchrotron SPS 3 x MKDH MKQH 5 x MKE 26 GeV Septum: E ≤ 12 MV/m T = d.c. 2 x MKDV 4 x MKI MKQV PS PSComplex l= 0.8 – 15m 2 x TK 4 x KFA45 9 x KFA71 Kicker: V=80kV B = 0.1-0.3 T T = 10 ns - 200μs 4 x KSW 3 x KFA79 l=0.2 – 16m 5 x BI.DIS 4 x EK RF cavities: High gradients, E ≤ 150MV/m CAS on Small Accelerators Reference [1] PS septa SEH23 SPS septa ZS Voltage: 300 kV CAS on Small Accelerators spacers • SPS injection kicker magnets ferrites beam gap 30 kV magnets CAS on Small Accelerators • SPS extraction kickers Courtesy: E2V Technologies Generators Pulse Forming Network 60 kV Thyratron gas discharge switches Magnets Power Semiconductor Diode stack 30 kV 72 kV CAS on Small Accelerators • Maxwell equations for calculating Electromagnetic fields, voltages, currents – Analytical – Numerical CAS on Small Accelerators Breakdown Electrical Fields, Medium Geometry Gas High fields Liquids Field enhancement Solids Field steering Vacuum Insulation and Breakdown Charges in fields Ionisation Breakdown

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