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Goliath Bird-Eating LEVELED BOOK • Q Spiders: Giant Arachnids Goliath A Reading A–Z Level Q Leveled Book Bird-Eating Spiders: Word Count: 979 Connections Writing Do you think the Goliath bird-eating Giant Arachnids spider is a good name for this spider? Why or why not? Using details from the book, write a persuasive essay supporting or criticizing the Goliath bird-eating spider’s name. Science Design a habitat for the Goliath bird- eating spider. Use facts from the book TS OF T to create your habitat. AN HE GI AN I D RL AL WO M Written by Nathan Grove Visit www.readinga-z.com for thousands of books and materials. www.readinga-z.com Goliath Words to Know appendages nocturnal Bird-Eating burrows paralyzes captivity sense Spiders: glands venom molt Giant Arachnids Front cover: A Goliath spider in the Amazon rainforest in South America Title page: When a Goliath spider assumes this position, it is ready to defend itself. Page 3: Goliath spiders look similar to the adults—only smaller. Photo Credits: Front cover, back cover: © Simon Balson/Alamy; icon: © Elena Belyakova/ iStock/Thinkstock; title page, page 6: © Nick Gordon/ardea.com; pages 3, 7, 14 (top): © Pascal Goetgheluck/ardea.com; page 5: © James H. Robinson/Science Source; pages 8 (main), 15: © Pete Oxford/Minden Pictures; page 8 (inset): © Daniel Heuclin/NPL/Minden Pictures; page 10: © tbkmedia.de/Alamy; pages 11, 14 (bottom): © Piotr Naskrecki/Minden Pictures; page 12: © Mark Moffett/ Minden Pictures; page 13: © Tom McHugh/Science Source Written by Nathan Grove www.readinga-z.com Goliath Bird-Eating Spiders: Giant Arachnids Focus Question Giants of the Animal World Level Q Leveled Book Correlation © Learning A–Z LEVEL Q How do the unique features of a Written by Nathan Grove Fountas & Pinnell N Goliath bird-eating spider help it All rights reserved. Reading Recovery DRA 30 30 www.readinga-z.com to survive in the rainforest? Big, Hairy, and Heavy It’s nighttime in the rainforest. As you walk down the path, you see the biggest spider you’ve ever seen. This giant spider has

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