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Chiswick Herald |Friday 8th July, 2016 | advertising@chiswickherald.co.uk | @ChiswickandKew 1 Delivery of protest postcards sent to No.10 MP Ruth Cadbury leads CHATR to Downing Street CHATR were hosted by The 2009. Bedford Park Society on their Commenting on the petition, Ruth stall at Green Days on Saturday Cadbury MP said: and Sunday 11th and 12th June. During the two days, and shortly “As MP for Brentford and Isleworth thereafter, 1,055 postcards I represent people who are already were signed in opposition to the under the Heathrow flight paths, and expansion of Heathrow airport. this makes their lives misery. I have This quantity shows the strength many thousands more constituents and depth of opposition in who would be over-flown for the Chiswick W4. first time should a third runway be built. So I was more than happy The design of the postcards enabled to lead the CHATR deputation to people to tell the Prime Minister deliver 1,055 protest postcards to 10 why they object. We have analysed Downing Street.” the boxes the signatories ticked on their cards and the result was as Cadbury went on to say: follows: “David Cameron has decided twice 1. Pollution 92% not to decide which of the three options for airport expansion in 2. Noise 91% the South East to take. He’s left 3. Climate change 69% this to his successor and as soon as 4. Safety & security 49% we know who the two leadership candidates are I shall make it my 5. Loss of homes 48% business to find out their stances Ruth Cadbury MP and CHATR petitioners at 10 Downing Street 6. Cost of infrastructure 47% towards Heathrow.” The proportion of people ticking of their area which showed where CHATR’s commitment was CHATR are most grateful to these boxes is very high, especially the possible flight paths would be. to deliver their signed protest Ruth Cadbury MP for her long- for pollution, noise, and climate In many cases they could see their postcards to the Prime Minister as term opposition to the expansion change, which are all areas subject home very close to one of the red soon as it could be arranged with the of Heathrow. We, and other to legal limits being broken now lines, and that really scared them.” police and Ruth Cadbury MP. The campaigning groups, are determined by Heathrow, let alone with a third Since Green Days there has been an appointed day was Monday 4th July to beat Heathrow as we have done runway. extraordinary series of events which and the maximum number of six before. The Conservative Party

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