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WAR IN ANGOLA Volume 1, Issue 8 25 February 2011 www.warinangola.com THE NEWSLETTER HIGHLIGHTING EVENTS, INFORMATION AND FACTS RELATING TO THE CONFLICT IN ANGOLA AND SOUTH-WEST AFRICA (NAMIBIA) FROM 1975 TO 1989 Historical Background: Reaction of the MPLA The eighth part of the series of by the leftist government of Por- articles on “THE POWER tugal. The continuing leadership STRUGGLE IN ANGOLA” crisis in the ranks of the MPLA caused great damage, however. The MPLA enjoyed more promi- Efforts, between the end of nence in foreign countries, es- 1973 and the beginning of pecially the socialistic states 1974, to bring the three fac- and also in Portugal. Next to a tions, the Revolta de Leste of description of “racist, disorgan- Chipenda, the Revolta Activa ised and brutal”, a spokesman of De Andrade (also known as for the commander in chief of the Committee of Nineteen), the Portuguese Army in Angola, South African Mechanised Infantry and the Neto-faction, to an on their Ratel silhouetted against Martins e Silva, described the agreement, was unsuccessful. the sunset MPLA also as “a well organised, realistic and progressive move- Of the three, the Chipenda- ment with a level-headed leader faction with its seat in Zambia, was invited as a football player who had good background and was Neto’s biggest thorn in the to continue his studies at the political experience.” (SADF flesh. Chipenda was a capable Coimbra University in Portugal, Archives) commander and an authorita- where he obtained a degree in tive negotiator. Daniel Julio Geology. Because of his revolu- Agostinho Neto was therefore in Chipenda was the son of a tribal tionary activities amongst the the advantageous position of chief of the Umbundu tribe. Af- student he had to flee Portugal being favoured more and more ter his schooling in Benguela he (Continued on page 8) Featured Gallery: Loading the 12.7mm machine gun Guerillas in their trenches with both UNITA infantry riding to the front on on top of the Casspir Soviet and East-German helmets top of a truck Inside this issue: Next Week’s Features • The Historical Background series of articles on Operation Sceptic: Alouette shot down by RPG-7 2 the POWER STRUGGLE IN ANGOLA continues: “UNITA – cautious policy of Dr. Jonas Savimbi” From the diary of a Russian Advisor... 2 • Featured Equipment: The robust PPSh-41 sub- Featured Equipment: The Remington 870 Shotgun 3 machine gun Foreign Assistance to Angola 4 • “Foreign Assistance Part 2” Looking at Portu- gal’s desperate efforts to keep Angola This week: 23 years ago... 4 • Operation Moduler: the battles Operation Moduler: Destruction of 47 Brigade 5 continue with “The destruction Last week’s latest topics on the Forums 12 of 47 Brigade, Part 2” Images from “Grensoorlog” series, by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission by www.saminiatures.com www.warinangola.com Page 2 WAR IN ANGOLA Operation Sceptic: Alouette shot down by RPG-7, Part 2 Extract taken with the although he was so bodies and the wreck- author's permission weak by now that after a age. [Major] Fouche of from: while even the small Combat Team 1 was

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