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SUMMARY SHEET ESTIMATE FOR CONSERVATION WORK OF BARADARI (SANGRAM SAGAR) PHASE -I TOTAL 1 1,06,71,160.88 CONSERVATION WORK & LANDSCAPE WORK (Structural Stablization of Old structure ) TOTAL PHASE-I 1,06,71,160.88 CONTENGENCIES @ 5% 5,33,558.04 GRAND TOTAL 1,12,04,718.92 SUMMARY OF COST ESTIMATE FOR CONSERVATION WORK OF BARADARI (SANGRAM SAGAR) Phase -1 S.NO DESCRIPTION AMOUNT (IN RS.) A Conservation Works (Dharmshala & Old structure Back Court) 1 Removal and Dismentalling Works 9,58,794.67 2 Traditional Massonry Work 31,95,411.30 3 Consolidation Work 21,48,150.00 4 Traditional Roofing & Water proofing works 4,23,989.23 5 New Door Works 1,37,700.00 6 Flooring and Plinth Protection Work 6,67,264.00 7 Finishing Works Including Plaster,stucco and Lime Kara 17,63,272.00 8 Misc.Work 7,22,284.80 B Landscape work ( Front Court ) 1 Civil works Pathway 2,34,915.40 2 Horticulture & Desiltation (along site only ) 4,19,379.48 TOTAL (A+B) 1,06,71,160.88 C CONTINGENCY @ 5% 5,33,558.04 GRAND TOTAL 1,12,04,718.92 Estimate for Conservation Works of Baradari (Sangram Sagar), Jabalpur Note: 1 All Item of works are considered inclusive of all leads and lifts for all heights and distances . 2 All Item of works are considered inclusive of scaffolding/shuttering/support structure/ electricity and water etc. as required/ instructed by Site Engineer/ Consultants . Item Ref. Description Qty Unit RATE AMOUNT 1.0 REMOVAL & DISMANTLING Clearing jungle including uprooting of rank vegetation, MP grass, bush wood, trees and saplings of girth upto 30cm UADD measured at a height of 1m above ground level and 1.1 SOR 2012 1600 SQM 3.07 4,910.40 removal of rubbish upto a lead of 50 metres. 2.31 Cutting and uprooting of trees growing on heritage structure and /or near them (causing damage to the historic fabric) by manual or machenical means in stages without damaging the historic fabric of the structure, Non schd. 1.2 including uprooting roots by diging of ground and filling 10 NO.S 5000 50,000.00 62 the pits with earth as per instruction of conservation architect/site incharge. De-vegetation from the monuments by chemical injection of Round Up (arsenic base) compound and subsequently uprooting by physical means without damaging the historic Non 1.3 85 SQM 633 53,805.00 Schd. 54 fabric and structure of the building under strict supervision of conservation architect/site-in-charge. Dismantling dressed stone work ashlar face stone work, marble work or precast concrete work manually/by MP mechanical means including stacking of service able and UADD disposal of unserviceable material within 50 meters lead as 1.4 24 CUM 257.40 6,177.60 SOR 2012 per direction of Engineer-in-charge 15.10.1 :In lime mortar Dismanteling basalt ashlar stone /sand stone slab/floor /pavement / by manual means including stacking of the MP UADD serviceable material and disposal of unserviceable material 1.

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