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SIMPLEX-COMPACT Retractable Fin Stabilizer Type S Blohm + Voss Industries 2 More Than 50 Years of Experience Blohm + Voss Industries The development and pro- Various coast guard authori- GmbH is located in the port duction of retractable fin ties have also discovered the of Hamburg. Our technical stabilizers started already in advantages of our retractable solutions and innovations the early 1950s. Since then UHL fin design which easily have attained a worldwide Blohm + Voss Industries meets their high stabilizing reputation under the trade GmbH has supplied more performance needs at low name Simplex-Compact. than 580 fin stabilizers all speeds, for instance during Based on our expertise in over the world. helicopter operations. the engineering and ship- building fields we have Our Simplex-Compact achieved a position as a retractable fin stabilizers market leader in numerous represent an optimal solution sectors for ship products, and for a wide range of commer- are known for high standards cial vessels, such as cruise of quality and reliability. ships, ferries, yachts and special purpose vessels. Significant Characteristics 3 Patented Anti-Vortex-Tip Accumulator Supported Rotary Vane Actuators Fairings Hydraulic System By using a rotary vane All Simplex-Compact fins The hydraulic power units actuator the torque is trans- are equipped with Anti- are supported by accumu- mitted completely free of Vortex-Tip fairings to prevent lators to reduce size of unbalanced forces on the fin, energy dissipating through motors and pumps. thereby avoiding additional cavitation. loads on the bearings and Benefits: ensuring high fin movement Benefits: • demand on electrical precision. • increased lift current is reduced • smaller fin area required • peak load on the power The rotary vane actuators are • low drag supply is lowered of an extremely compact • fuel saving. • noise level is decreased design, powerful and highly • dynamic system reliable, ensuring that no Flow-Off Recess response is increased. moving parts are exposed to Low cavitation and minimal external dirt or pollution. flow resistance are obtained through flow-off recesses at Simplex-Compact fin stabi- the fin boxes. lizers fulfil all relevant regu- lations from the classification Tail Fin societies and are SOLAS A synchronously actuated compliant as well as with the tail fin increases the lift by MARPOL 73/78 convention up to 30 % compared to a specifications. one-piece fin. 4 Research & Development Our technical innovations 1991: Anti-Vortex-Tip by up to 15 % in comparison and services have kept us fairings to the Type S fin without at the forefront of marine 1995: Flow-off recess increasing the nominal fin equipment supply. For many 1996: 3rd generation area. decades leading shipping retractable fin companies have relied on stabilizer, Type S The UHL fin represents an our experience as the tech- 1998: First digital stabilizer optimal solution for: nological market leader for control system • coast guard vessels marine components. In order 2001: Retractable UHL Fin • special purpose vessels to satisfy our customers' 2007: 2nd generation of • ships with low to medium specific requirements, our non-retractable fin service speed with a high wide range of products and stabilizer, Type F roll reduction requirement. systems ensure safe, clean 2007: Proprietary adaptive and efficient operations on control system Type Z many different types of ships. 2008: Retractable zero Our successful range of speed stabilizer, retractable stabilizers is also Milestones Type Z

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