• Document: Monnalisa SpA was founded in 1968 by Piero Iacomoni and Barbara Bertocci, now respectively President and Designer of the company.
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summary History2 Identity3 Monnalisa today 4 Distribution5 Positioning6 Monnalisa’s success 7 Product8 Communication12 Product placement 20 Fashion Show 21 Monnalisa Living 22 Boutique24 1 Monnalisa SpA was founded in 1968 by Piero Iacomoni and Barbara Bertocci, now respectively President and Designer of the company. The philosophy of Monnalisa is based on a unique combination of entrepreneurial activity innovation, search for new markets, original styling and a special attention to the evolution of the corporate resources and skills. Monnalisa is a leader company in the childrenswear high market segment. 2003 Best Practice CSR 2005 Annual Report Oscar 1969 Piero Iacomoni sets up MONNALISA 1999 ISO 9001 SGS Certification 2007 Label of the year 1975 Barbara Bertocci joins Monnalisa as a Designer 2001 SA 8000 SGS Certification 2008 Goodwin Award 1992 Diletta Iacomoni joins Monnalisa as a 2009 First Annual Report SGS Certification 2010 Annual Report Oscar 2013 Fashion Coordinator Joins Elite Borsa Italiana 2006 Fondazione Monnalisa is set up 2015 ISO 14001 SGS Certification 1988 Turnover € 2,500,000 Employees 10 2014 Warner Bros Award International Fox Homey Award 2013 Christian Simoni joins Monnalisa as the CEO 2015 First Annual Report Certification by Reconta E&Y 2015 Turnover € 40,000,000 Employees 153 2015 Elite Borsa Italiana Certification 2 Maintaining a strong identity Monnalisa’s leadership in its field is owed to a well-defined product identity. Maintaining its recognisability and spreading the strong corporate identity depend on the ability to accept guidance from a solid and shared value system when making decision and choices. Our Mission Creating value and values over time with the aim of accomblishing the following vision: excel in innovation, creativity and practicality stimulate a spread out management system expand worldwide both productively and commercially, maintaining the corporate values and identity 3 today 40 mln € 2015 FY 11-15 CAGR 4,8% RATIO Formula 2013 2014 2015 ROI Operating income / Net operating invested capital 20,48% 23,64% 13,32% ROE Net income / Equity 8,11% 12,64% 10,72% ROS Operating income / Sales revenus 10,72% 14,56% 8,81% RATIO Formula 2013 2014 2015 DEBT RATIO Liabilities / Financial Capital 36,38% 35,30% 35,26% FINANCIAL AUTONOMY RATIO Equity / Financial Capital 63,62% 64,70% 64,74% PRIMARY STRUCTURE RATIO Equity / Fixed Assets 2,51 2,89 2,38

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