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Ref: InQKA 02: ERR Template Cycle 4 InQKA 2017 EXTERNAL REVIEW PLAN FACULTY / CAMPUS : DATE : DAY ONE Time Activity Notes Opening meeting Presentation to include: ● 30 minutes Presentation by Dean/Rector 1. Follow-up actions taken (Persons involved: Senior management, Jawatankuasa since the last review (please Jaminan Kualiti) provide a copy of the corrective action log) 2. Status of QMS a. QMS/Strategic planning 0900 b. Quality objectives (achievements) c. Customer feedback/complaints d. Changes affecting the QMS e. Continual improvement 0930 Briefing by Head of Review Panel highlight the status of recent On the new updates and approach for Cycle 4 course performance. Pinpoint Area of focus: Area 3, Area 7, Area 9 statistics of courses with high Approach failure rate 0945 Break for Review Panel discussion 1015 Three parallel sessions (Panel 1, Panel 2, Panel 3) Panel 1 ● Sampling of course Area 3: Assessment of Students assessments will be done. ● Relationship Between Assessment and Learning ● Please have ready o Alignment between assessment, programme documents such as: aims and learning outcomes o List of Resource o Relation to educational goals and compliance to Persons/Lecturer in standards charge o Effectiveness of assessment methods; o List of courses with final consistency with MQF (student performance) examination ● Assessment Methods o list of courses with high 1015 ● Sample of variety of assessment methods to failure rate demonstrate achievement of programme o Highlight plan to improve learning outcomes (Diploma to postgraduate) o Exam preparation and ● Practical training assessment vetting records ● Review of assessment methods ● report status on courses on ● Documentation and dissemination of assessment ICGPA project (whichever is methods applicable) ● Management of Student Assessment ● Plan ● Implementation ● Review of assessment process Ref: InQKA 02: ERR Template Cycle 4 ● Improvement of process Panel 2 ● Please have ready Area 7: Programme Monitoring & Review documents related to ● Monitoring, reviewing and evaluating of: monitoring & review such ● as: ● Curriculum components (syllabi, teaching o Programme review methodologies, learning outcomes) documents ● Student progress o CDL/CQI reports ● Student employability o SUFO/PROPENS reports ● Student performance o Professional ● Institutional structures and processes bodies/External (administrative structure, leadership and examiner reports and governance, planning and review mechanisms) follow-up actions ● Feedback and analysis from: o Analysis of student

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