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Product and Services Catalogue Foreword (Please Note) Using the catalogue The best way to search for a particular item is to use the search / find tool by either: • Choosing Edit > Find • Hold Ctrl and press F Enter the title or keyword of the item you require e.g. No Smoking and then press enter. Press the next button until you find your required item. We have over 30,000 items in our library, so please contact us if you cannot find your required item within this catalogue. Updated Signage Please be aware that our standard signage (Safe Condition, Fire Fighting Equipment, Warning, Mandatory, Prohibition, Fire Control and Multiple Purpose) depicted in this catalogue has symbols to suit ISO 24409 (where possible). We can still supply all our older signage, so if you require a replacement and do not want to update your entire system, or want a sign to comply to an alternate standard, please contact us. Please also be aware that whichever standard you are currently compliant to / going to be compliant to, should be adopted throughout an entire facility. For example, the same lifeboat symbol should be used throughout a facility and not ‘mixed and matched’ with symbols from other standards. Sizes, Materials and Fixtures/Fittings The sizes beneath all products in this catalogue are relevant to that particular image. We can accommodate most required sizes, so please contact us. We have a diverse range of materials available, suitable for many different uses and areas. To find out more, please contact us for information or to request a data sheet. All of our fixture and fitting methods and materials have a proven track record in some of the harshest weather conditions, typical of the global Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. Please contact us to discuss our range of fixtures and fittings or to request a data sheet. Follow Us: enquiries@seawardsafety.com www.seawardsafety.com Contents (page 1 of 2) Introduction Page 5 Contact Us Page 6 Our Services Page 7 Safe Condition Signage Page 8-14 Safe Condition Pictographs Page 15-22 Fire Fighting Equipment Signage Page 23-27 Fire Fighting Equipment Pictographs Page 28-33 Hazard Warning Signage Page 34-37 Prohibition Signage Page 38-42 Mandatory Signage Page 43-45 Hazardous Chemical Signage Page 46-48 Fire Control Plan Signage and Symbols Page 49-57 General Purpose Signage Page 58-65 Multi-purpose Signage Page 66-71 American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Signage Page 72 Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Signage Page 72 Safety Awareness System Pictograph Boards Page 73-74 Safety Awareness System Pictographs - Warning Page 75-82 Safety Awareness System Pictographs - Mandatory Page 83-90 Safety Awareness System Pictographs - Prohibition Page 91-97 Contents (page 2 of 2) Safety Awareness System IMO Boards Page 98-99 Safety Awareness System IMO Pictographs Page 100-102 Safety Awareness System Alternate Grid Boards Page 103 Standard Operational Boards Page 104-114 T-Cards & T-Card Boards Page 115-118 Permit Boards Page 119-122 Lock Out Tags & Lock Out Tag Boards Page 123 Emergency Response Boards Page 124 Breathing Apparatus Control Boards Page 125 Muster / Assembly Boards Page 126 Informational Boards Page 127-146 Coiled Pipe Marking Page 147-148 Low Location Lighting Page 149-150 Low Location Lighting Testing Page 151 Anti-slip Products Page 152 Platform Identification Signs / Plates Page 153 Life Saving Appliance Plans Page 154 Station Bills Page 155 Helideck Banners Page 156 Posters Page 157-159 Introduction About Us Supplying signage solutions; Seaward Safety has over 20 year’s experience in designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing signage, of all types, to many customers globally. Initially serving the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry, we quickly became established as a primary supplier to the industries’ largest companies. Our i

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