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PRINTERS’ COSTING & ESTIMATING Name of the Course: Diploma in Printing Technology Course Code: Semester: Fifth Duration: 16 Weeks Maximum Marks: 100 Teaching Scheme Examination Scheme Theory: 3 hrs/week Internal Examination: 20 Tutorial: NIL Assignment & Attendance: 10 Practical: NIL End Semester Exam:70 Credit: 2 Aim: Printing supervisors, owners of printing presses have to study costing for the purpose of cost recovery and cost control. The study of a scientific system of costing will give them proper guidance as to how the maximum utilization of the resources of the factory can be achieved and do away with waste of time and money. In an extremely competitive market, scientific estimating can guarantee the meaningful survival of a printing organization by enabling it to forecast correctly and judiciously the estimated cost of jobs, the overhead expenditure of a business, and the amount of profit to be made from each job. Objective: The students will be able to 1. Understand various Paper and Board sizes & Estimates, warehouse management & adhesive & other related materials, different finishing tools. 2. Appreciate styles of binding, layout of binding & finishing department. 3. Understand various types of binding, the detailed steps to be taken in each binding type. 4. Understand various cutting machines and other allied equipment. 5. Get an idea about various automation-taking places in binding & finishing. Pre-Requisite: Elementary knowledge of Basic Printing , Pre-Press Repro Technique & Binding Finishing Contents: Group-A COSTING Hrs/unit Marks Unit 1 1.0 Variable Cost 2.0 Names of Variable materials & services used in Printing Industries 15 10 3.0 Semi – Variable Cost 4.0 Name of the things included in Semi – Variable Costs in Printing Unit 2 5.0 Indirect Cost 15 15 6.0 Names of the things included in Fixed Costs in Printing Industries 7.0 Definition of Pricing 8.0 Different factors of Pricing 9.0 Brief overview on Bin Card, Job Ticket, Purchase Requisition and Depreciation Unit 3 10.0 Definition of Break – Even Point 10 10 11.0 Algebrical & Graphical representation of Break – Even Point Group-B ESTIMATING Unit 4 12.0 Quality of a good Estimator 05 10 13.0 Good Copy & Bad copy in Printing Unit 5 05 14.0 SPANKS method to find out ink coverage in Printing 15.0 Casting Off calculation by En method 10 Unit 6 16.0 Calculation of Kg of a Ream for a known GSM and size of 14 15 a stock and to estimate cost from it 17.0 To find out the fixed cost of a machine for a known initial cost, interest%, depreciation%, insurance% etc. Name of Author Title of the Book Name of the Publisher 1. K S Venkataraman & K 1. Estimating Methods & S Balaraman Cost Analysis for Printers GraphicArt Publication 2. Gary G Field 2. Printers’ Production Management 3. Harold Mills 3. The Printers Estimator 4. F C Avis 4. A Primary Course in Printers’ Costing CONTACT PERIODS: 64 INTERNAL ASSESSMENT: 06 TOTAL PERIODS: 70 Examination Scheme: a) Internal Examination Marks: 20 b) End Semester Ex amination Marks: 70 c) Attendance + Assessment + Interaction : 10 Full Marks: 100 End Semester Examination Marks: 70 Group Unit Objective Marks/Qs Total Marks To be set To be answered A 1, 2 & 3 12 An y 20Qs 01 20 B 4, 5 & 6 13 - - Grou

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