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Air Blown Total Solution for Fiber Optic MICRODUCT KNET Co., Ltd Head quarter A- 0 Hanwha Bizmetro Building - angcheon-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea Tel : 2-2-20 - 00 Fax : 2-2- - 0 Email : division e-knet.com Website: www.e-knet.com KNET USA Office 20 Sylvan Ave, Suite 0 , Englewood Cli s, N 0 2, USA Tel : - - - 2 Email : Americas e-knet.com, juliekwak e-knet.com PT KNET Indonesia Menara amsostek South Tower th Floor L. end. Gatot Subroto No. akarta- 2 0 Tel: 2-2 - 2 2- 0 Email: Indonesia e-knet.com About KNET Contents Since its establishment in 2002, KNET has been constantly contributing to the development of telecom- Application Matrix 04-05 munications technologies in order to create a better life for people. Specializing in piping solution for communication and civil engineering, KNET feels the responsibility for supplying products of the best quality only. Our vision is “to connect the whole world with our product, let people all around the globe Microducts experience all the benefits of the future technologies and never let our customers down by constant TWD 06-09 improvement and innovation.” Our mission is “to satisfy our customers with high quality and longevity DB 10-11 of every single product we supply with deep respect to our nature and humans.” DI 12-13 LSZH 14 Considering global environmental issues and the problem of scarcity of natural resources, KNET is very concerned about our future and sustainable development. Thus, we choose the best solution to bring Hybrid LSZH 15 happiness to people and at the same time stay environmentally friendly: FTTx solution for fiber optic Aerial 16 deployment by air blowing can make it real. KNET is trying to improve and adapt Air-Blown Total Solution pursuing one goal – to build Broadband Network Society of the Future. KNET played an impor- Cable tant role in the development of FTTx technologies and contributed a lot to the projects of U-City and ABF / ABC 17 Smart Grid in Korea providing Air-Blown Total Solution for fiber optic deployment in microducts. Besides that, KNET has proven itself as a reliable business partner with high quality products in the global arena as well, exporting to Europe, Asia, Middle East, Oceania, Africa, North and South Americas. Trenching Mini trenching 18 KNET can help implement the project from the very first step of network designing to the installation Micro trenching 19 phase, providing all the necessary technical training, service and maintenance. Air-Blown Total Solution with KNET Microducts will guarantee the best performance even in the most severe conditions, and it will significantly reduce CaPEX and OpEX in comparison with conventional fiber optic deployment Accessories techniques. Street Cabinet / Handhole 20 Tube Distribution Closure / Branch Unit

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