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EEM Electric Machines THE TRAINING SYSTEM, ELECTRIC MACHINES The progressive development in all areas of techno- ward connection, the parameters and characteristics • Single / Three-phase logy has resulted in increasing demands for highly specific to particular machines, are in the foreground. ENT 1/ENT 2 skilled specialists, technicians and engineers. This By using standard industrial specifications, the know- Transformers applies in particular to the subject area of drive engi- ledge gained in the laboratory can easily be applied neering. The world of today is inconceivable without to practical, everyday industrial situations. the use of controllable electric drive systems. State- of-the-art drive systems are based on the application The machines and control units are designed so of electronics in conjunction with electric machines. that they can be integrated into state-of-the-art circuits and drive systems. The modular construc- STATIC CONVERTER DRIVES; INDUSTRIAL DRIVE ENGINEERING Here is where the electric machines training system tion ensures that the exercises remain adaptable Electric Machines • Fault-finding on EEM/F is of utmost signifi

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