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SOFREL S5OO Modular Remote Terminal Units The SOFREL S500 range of Remote Terminal Units offers a modular solution that combin performance, ease of implementation and reliability. S500 telemetry and SCADA remote terminal units make it possible: Optimisation and improvement in technical site management through permanent monitoring of installation operation Alert sent in the case of any problem occuring on a remote site Automation of processes and remote access to monitored equipment SOFREL S5OO: modularity, performance and simplicity of use From remote alarming to complete telemetry solution Designed to meet the remote control and management needs of technical installations, the SOFREL S500 range of telemetry and SCADA Remote Terminal Units combines multiple functions: remote alarming, telemetry, remote counting, telecontrol, archiving, balances, process controls, network communication, etc. Perfectly suited to applications such as drinking water and waste water treatment, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, public lighting, etc., S500 Remote Terminal Units allow you to interlink, secure and automate isolated or distant sites, and offer users shorter response times while also cutting operating and running costs… Easy to install and use process is even simpler to perform since it uses clear language not requiring any programming skills. It is therefore a question of simply following the icons displayed parameters of an S500. SOFREL S5OO: modularity, performance and simplicity of use Multiple user interfaces In order to provide an optimal response to the operating constraints of distant sites, the S500 Remote Terminal Units offer a wide choice of user interfaces. Whether using the interactive graphical screen integrated in the Remote Terminal Unit, an internet browser or SMS, operation of the S500s is perfectly adapted for any context in which they are used. USER INTERFACES E-mail SMS Web browser Interactive graphical display Open and secure communication Intended to overcome all terrestrial communication constraints, the S500 offers multiple transmission modes. Whether using traditional media (PSTN, GSM, DL, radio, etc.) or more recent methods (ADSL, ethernet, GPRS, etc.), the S500 Remote Terminal Units enable the contract operator to maintain contact with all of their installations in a consistent manner. The S500s are also able to communicate with other devices: PLCs, controllers, intelligent sensors, as well as with other remote terminal units in order to provide “inter-facilities” process controls. SOFREL S500 + SG1000: secure solution for GPRS communication Installed at the core of the telemetry and SCADA system on the central station, the SOFREL SG1000 server provides S500 communication and security across a public GPRS network. SOFREL S5OO: modularity, performance and simplicity of use Alarm reporting and management Designed to alert the right contact, at any time and in any place, the S500 remote terminal units’ alarm reporting function makes use of emails or SMS messages in particular. The standby-duty agent can thus be informed of the problem, establish an initial diagnosis remotely and, if necessary, intervene on the installation (telecontrol, ZONE DE 15 MM A MASSICOTER Process control and calculation In addition to their telemetry and SCADA functions, S500 Remote Terminal Units offer various process control options. Whether simple functions such as threshold controls, more complex ones such as device operating permutations, or process control programming in standard languages (ST-Standard IEC 1131-3), the S500 range solution to manage all of their installations At the core of your installations Data acquisition Sensors Act

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