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GEMI LENNOX 젬미 렌녹스 ___ Josephine Jackson HEY GUYS! THANKS SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING THIS BOOK! I hope that through writing stories like this, I am able to promote unity within all aspect of Korean entertainment. I’m providing this first book free of charge, but donations are always welcome and encouraged. The suggested donation for this book is $5.00 Wanna help be a part of this movement? SHARE this book/ my page on your social media! :) DONATE to this book and the production of many more! Cashapp: koreanwithjo / / Venmo: koreanwithjo READ & TELL me what you think and ask questions! I would LOVE to hear what you think of the story, characters, and any questions you have! IG / TIKTOK : @koreanwithjo Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission. First Edition: June 2020 Printed in the United States of America Acknowledgement To all the ones who think they can’t. You can. GEMI 젬미 Hey, I’m Gemi Lazelle Lennox. (My mom always told me to introduce myself by my full name so…. there ya go.) The past 4 months of my life have been INSANE. A literal emotional roller coaster! I’ve thought about making a Youtube channel about it, but… I don’t like all of the attention. The next best thing? Writing, I guess. Seems like it’s easier for me to get my thoughts out when I write them. To be honest, I’m not really sure why I’m writing this. Maybe it’s helping me process everything that has happened? Or maybe I’m hoping it’ll inspire someone else? Idk. Anyway, a little about me: I just turned 17 last week. I’m an only child. I think milk is the most disgusting drink on the planet! Oh, and I’m addicted to the app, Lookie, (a wayyyy more chill version of Instagram.) My birthday this year was SUPER weird. I can’t really say whether it was good or bad… it was just really different than what I’m used to. But in order for you to fully understand why, I gotta tell you what happened from the beginning. I remember… It was a Friday afternoon and I had just gotten home from school. School actually sucked that day because we had to do our final History presentations and I choked. On the bright side, it was a half day and the day before summer break so I didn’t have to be reminded of my epic fail the next day. My mom, being a chef, was in the kitchen working on a food dish I couldn’t pronounce. And my dad hadn’t gotten home from work yet. (He’s the manager of a bank.) Side note: My parents literally are the cutest! They’ve been in love since high school. I don’t tell them this often, but I think the way they care for each other is really amazing. Anyway, I’m in love with a band called “위오/ WE-O.” They’re a k- pop boy band from South Korea. I never had an interest in Korean music, but after randomly hearing WE-O’s song in a movie, I completely fell in love with them. They’re SO cute, but more than that… there’s just something about the way they’re always so happy and positive that brightens my day. They’re like an escape when I’m feeling crappy or when I’m not feeling myself. There are 3 members in the group: Junho 준호, Kangmin, 강민 and Gio 지오 (My FAVE.) I don’t really speak Korean so I knew that trying to convince my parents to let me go to the concert of a group whose music they couldn’t understand would be a challenge. I begged my parents for months before they finally caved and agreed to let me go. The only reason they said yes was because my best friend, Laila, (who loves WE-O too) agreed to come along with me. I was looking forward to having a fellow WE-O lover by my side for my first ever k-pop concert! Plus, she and I were having a sleep over after the show! Her bias (person she loves in the group) is Junho. She’s completely obsessed! My parents made me work around the house everyday up until the concert in order to earn the money for my ticket. It was kinda expensive, but SO worth it! Later that night, I glanced at the clock nervously as I hopped around my bedroom semi-dressed in search of shoes. My heart raced knowing that in THRE

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