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Head Office: st 629-A, Gazdar House, 1 Floor,Near Kalbadevi Post Office, J.S.S Marg, Mumbai- 400 002. Designed By Mr. Naresh Soneji Contact: (022) 22018582 Fax No. (022) 22072644 Designed By Mr. Naresh Soneji Email: info@veerhealthcare.net Website: www.veerhealthcare.net The content in this brochure is for Works: information purpose only for Survey No. 509/F, Opp. Shankeshwar private circulation to registered Industrial Estate, Tajpur Road, Sarkhej Bavala “NATURE-AL DIRECTION TO REMEDIES’’ medical practioner & authorised Highway, Changodar, Ahmedabad -382213 distributor. Email: guj@veerhealthcare.net From the desk of VAIDYA VINOD C MEHTA, BAMS, COMPANY PROFILE Head Formulations & Production VEERHEALTH CARE LTD Veerhealth Care Ltd ( formerly known as “Niya Leasing Limited” ) was incorporated in the year 1992, the company is listed on Bombay Stock Exchange, currently comprising of more than 3400 share holders. The core Respected Doctor, business of Veerhealth Care is Manufacturing and Marke ng Research Based Ayurvedic medicines. The Company produces Intensive research In today's day and age of increasing stress and deteriorating nutrition, based quality products with Expert guidance and enormous experience of general Immunity and overall Health are taking a beating. Thus, it is becoming increasingly important to have a HOLISTIC approach to treating renowned Vaid of Mumbai, Dr. Vinod C. Mehta, an Ayurvedic prac oner patient’s symptoms as well as addressing the underlying cause. since 30 years. Among the various Schools of Alternative Medicine, Ayurveda is the oldest and has proven effective in countering ailments and boosting Good Health - The company is well-equipped with GMP cer fied state-of-the-art since centuries!! manufacturing facili es located at Changodar, Ahmedabad. Our VEERHEALTH CARE brings to you a modernised, 100% safe & effective manufacturing facility comprises of Liquid, Tablet, Ointment and Powder range of Ayurvedic medicines and supplements. By applying 30 plus years of sec ons. The company has fully equipped analy cal Laboratory & Clinical research & experience our team has painstakingly zoned in on the final product formulations. . Tes ng facili es under close supervision & guidance of Dr. Manan V. Mehta, M.B.B.S. We provide a wide range of Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment To ensure the absolute realization of this formulation, we handpick only the best quality herbs. The processing and packaging is done at our very own of ailments such as Acidity, Analgesic, Cough – Cold, Calcium, Cardiac, Skin, manufacturing plant where we adhere to international standards and Diabetes, Diges on, Obesity, Piles, Liver, Psoriasis, Gyno Care, Brain Tonic, regulations. Protein Supplement etc. VEERHEALTH CARE products have: - Natural composition We are a professionally managed organiza on engaged in produc on and - No Metallic Bhasma ma

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