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PT. Marine Propulsion Solutions Subsea Group Designed for all types of Rov's, Auv's and Manned Submersibles  SubSea AC/DC Electric and Hydraulic Thrusters  AUV Propulsor and Fin Actuator Modules  Manned SubSea Propulsion Systems  Pump Jet Propulsion Systems  Electric Podded Propulsors  Integrated Electric/Hydraulic Power Modules  Trencher Jetting Swords and Swivel Manifolds  Excavator and Grabber Systems The enclosed data, information, description, photos and illustrations in this brochure are the property of PT Marine Propulsion Solutions. The materials are disclosed only to those persons or organizations specifically authorized by MPS and copies of any part of this brochure are strictly prohibited unless authorized in writing by PT. Marine Propulsion Solutions. Specifications are subject to change without notice PT. Marine Propulsion Solutions Subsea Group Page 2 of 22 SubSea Propulsion Technologies PT. Marine Propulsion Solutions has the pleasure of enclosing our latest product summary for a full range of SubSea Propulsion and Thruster Systems, designed for manned submersibles, Rov’s, Auv’s and other SubSea applications. SubSea Propulsion Systems are produced in a full range of high quality, cost effective, efficient, and compact thrusters designed for professional SubSea use. Designs are based upon over 40 years of experience in the Offshore SubSea Marine Industry. Our portfolio is divided into Eight main Groups: SubSea Thrusters - Electric (AC/DC) and Hydraulic, PumpJet Propulsion, AUV Propulsor Modules, Manned Propulsion Modules, Podded Propulsors, Electric/Hydraulic Power Modules, Cable Trencher / Excavator / Grabber Systems and Marine SubSea Tidal Turbines with supporting hardware and control software. SUBSEA ELECTRIC THRUSTER SERIES PT. Marine Propulsion Solutions Subsea Group Page 3 of 22 Group 1A … DC Electric Subsea Thruster Systems Model Power Range Input Power Bollard Thrust Weight (Lbs) Feedback mode Hp Kw Volts Amps Lbs Kgf Air Wet SSE050 .50 .50 120 1.8 Models SSE050, SSE100 & SSE200 rated to 600M with SSE100 1.0 1.0 260 3.4 42.5 19.3 10.5 8.5 motor controllers built into SSE200 2.0 1.49 260 6.8 85.0 38.6 12.0 9.0 the thruster unit. For greater depths…… SSE300 3.5 2.60 260 11.8 150.0 68.2 18.5 13.9 Motor Controller to be SSE500 5.0 3.73 260 15.2 215.0 97.0 24.0 16.5 located in a one (1) atmosphere housing SSE800 8.0 5.97 260 22.0 340.0 154.5 34.5 24.4 available as optional or SSE1200 customer furnished. 12.0 8.95 600 18.5 510.0 231.8 48.5 38.8 SSE1500 15.0 11.9 600 21.0 637.5 290.0 60.5 48.4 Alternative voltages are available – consult SSE2000 20.0 14.9 600 27.5 850.0 386.0 72.0 57.6 engineering department Full ocean depth oil filled/pressure compensated. The SubSea Propulsion Systems Electric Propulsor breaks new ground in thrust; weight and reliability by the introduction of an internal sealing located between the rotor and stator, creating two separate isolated and sealed sections. Water cannot reach the stator and electronics through the shaft seal. Using sealed bearings the rotor can therefore run in water or oil Technical Features: All models feature DC brushless rare earth motors for maximum reliability and power. Standard voltages are shown. The Gold Cup Series will accept DC input voltage options from 140 to 400 Vdc (optional voltages available). The Series feature power & control electronics housed within the thruster motor case for maximum reliability & simplified installation. The Gold Cup Series utilize hull sensor feedback motor controller. The Motor Control Modules are normally mounted in a customer or MPS one (1) atmosphere housing. Housings rated up to full ocean depth are available. All Models feature a Propeller, designed for bi-directional rotation with Kort type nozzles for high bollard thrust & open water efficiency. Clockwise & counterclockwise rotation propellers are available for

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