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04DBST009_Brosch.GB_0401.qxp 06.01.2005 9:48 Uhr Seite 1 Berlin Hauptbahnhof – Lehrter Bahnhof 04DBST009_Brosch.GB_0401.qxp 06.01.2005 9:48 Uhr Seite 2 Berlin Hauptbahnhof – Lehrter Bahnhof Berlin’s Mobile Future with an Impressive History. Berlin Hauptbahnhof – Lehrter Bahnhof will not only link the city and surrounding area to The new centre of Berlin – opposite the Federal create a mobile, vibrant region in and around the Chancellery, near the Reichstag building and not capital. The new central station – the largest and far from the Brandenburg Gate – is the site of most modern crossing station in Europe – will Europe’s superlative new central railway station. also combine all the elements demanded by the With investments running into billions of euros, mobile society of the future. the EU, the Federal German government, the Federal Land of Berlin and Deutsche Bahn AG are making the capital city fit to cope with international competition. 4 04DBST009_Brosch.GB_0401.qxp 06.01.2005 9:48 Uhr Seite 5 Berlin Hauptbahnhof – Lehrter Bahnhof Humboldthafen Lehrter city district Federal Chancellery This new flexibility on rail is based on a unique transport concept, designed in the shape of a House of World Cultures mushroom. As from 2006, the new central station will form the core of the long-distance and regional rail routes and will re-establish Berlin as a leading rail metropolis on the European continent. Reichstag government building The project involves reviving the 130-year history of former Lehrter Bahnhof. Built between 1869 and 1871, the station was always the scene of revolutionary and innovative transport In 1952, the station was closed down owing to

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