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Satin straight aqua HP4644 /01 2 3 ENGLISH 4 FRANÇAIS 9 ESPAÑOL 14 ITALIANO 19 PORTUGUÊS 24  29 TÜRKÇE 34 HP4644/01 4 ENGLISH Introduction This new Philips Satin straight aqua has been specially designed to give beautiful results in a quick and easy way. Its steam function allows you to straighten your hair and to give it a healthy and shiny look. Important ◗ Check if the voltage indicated on the appliance corresponds to the local mains voltage before you connect the appliance. ◗ Keep this appliance away from water! Do not use this product near or over water contained in baths, washbasins, sinks etc. When used in a bathroom, unplug the appliance after use since the proximity of water presents a risk, even when the appliance is switched off. ◗ For additional protection, we advise you to install a residual current device (RCD) with a rated residual operating current not exceeding 30mA in the electrical circuit supplying the bathroom.Ask your installer for advice. ◗ Only use the appliance on dry or damp hair. ◗ The plates of the appliance will become hot during use. Prevent contact with the skin. ◗ If the appliance overheats, it will switch off automatically. Unplug the appliance and let it cool down for a few minutes. ◗ Keep the appliance away from children. ◗ Always unplug the appliance after use. ENGLISH 5 ◗ Let the appliance cool down before you store it. Before styling C 1 Unscrew the Cool Tip water reservoir from the appliance and fill it with cold water under a gently running tap. Keep the appliance itself away from water! C 2 Hold the appliance upside down and screw the water reservoir back onto the appliance. Styling 1 Insert the plug into the wall socket. C ◗ There is a black dot on one of the plates. When the appliance has heated up, the black dot will turn red to indicate that the appliance is ready for use.This will take approx. 10 minutes. 2 While the appliance is heating up, comb or brush the hair so that it is disentangled and smooth. Use a comb to divide the hair into locks. Do not put too much hair in one lock. 6 ENGLISH C 3 Take an approx. 2-inch (5 cm) wide lock of hair and place it between the plates of the appliance. Start straightening at the roots. C 4 Hold the lock between the plates for 2 seconds, while activating the steam function by pushing the Cool Tip Water reservoir. One push will suffice to straighten one lock of hair. C 5 Move the straightener slowly and steadily towards the end of the lock. 6 Let the locks cool down before finishing your style. For optimal results, wait 20 seconds before you activate the steam function again. Storage 1 Unplug the appliance. 2 Do not wind the mains cord round the appliance. C 3 Unscrew the Cool Tip water reservoir and pour out the remaining water. 4 Put the appliance in a safe place and let it cool down. ENGLISH 7 C 5 The appliance can be stored by hanging it from its hanging loop. Cleaning 1 Make sure the appliance is unplugged. 2 Clean the appliance with a damp cloth. ◗ To prevent the build-up of scale, add 3-4 drops of vinegar to the Cool Tip water reservoir, top up with water and screw it back onto the appliance. Insert the plug into the wall socket and switch the appliance on.Wait 10 minutes and then activate the steam function for 2 seconds.Activate the steam function 10 more times, with 20-second intervals.Then unplug the appliance and rinse the Cool Tip water reservoir. Replacement ◗ If the mains cord of this appliance is damaged, it must always be replaced by a service centre authorised by Philips, as special tools and/or parts are required. ◗ Always return the appliance to a service centre authorised by Philips for examination or repair. Repair by un

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