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Jenny Quintana New ENGLISH FILE Elementary Test Booklet This Test Booklet contains: ● an Entry test ● tests for each File, in A and B versions Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation Reading and Writing Listening and Speaking ● an extended End-of-course test, in A and B versions ● a Key 2 Introduction In this test booklet you’ll find: All the Tests consist of: • aantestEntry test • Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation 50 • in A andfor Beach File of New English File Elementary, versions • Reading and Writing 25 • an End-of-course test, in A and B versions • Listening and Speaking 25 • Total score 100 The Entr y test If you only do ‘Grammar, Vocabulary, and This is an optional test which covers some of the key Pronunciation’, double your students’ mark Grammar and Vocabulary points from the first four lessons to give a total score out of 100, e.g. (1A, 1B, 1C, 1D) of New English File Elementary. You may Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation mark 38 50 want to give your students this test so that you can get an idea of their starting level – for example, are they complete Total score 76 100 beginners or do they have some knowledge of English already, and how much basic language do they know? If If you do ‘Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation’ your students are at a very low level, look out for the Extra and ‘Reading and Writing’, but not ‘Listening and support ideas in the Teacher’s Book. If they are stronger, Speaking’, double your students’ ‘Reading and Writing’ look out for the Extra challenge ideas. mark to give a percentage, e.g. Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation mark 38 50 The A and B tests Reading, Writing mark 18/25 = 36 50 There are two versions (A and B) of each File test and of the End-of-course test (except the Speaking tests, which are Total score 74 100 designed for students to do in pairs). If your students don’t There are marking guidelines for Writing and copy each other then you can just use the A tests. If your Speaking on page 3. students do copy each other then put them in pairs, one with an A test and one with a B test – it’s almost impossible These tests may be photocopied freely for classroom use. They for them to copy each other’s answers. (The A and B tests may not be adapted, printed, or sold without the permission cover exactly the same material, but the questions have of Oxford University Press. been changed and reorganized.) The skills tests include KET-type exercises which reflect the format of the KET exam. Listening tests All the Listening tests re-use listenings from the Student’s Book. Some students may remember the contexts of the listenings, but they are very unlikely to remember the detail, and the listening exercises are all KET-type tasks which are different from the tasks that students have already done. The Listening numbers 1.19 are indicated in the Answer key. Answer key The Answer key for the tests starts on page 71. There are separate keys for the A and B versions of the tests. 2 New English File Elementary photocopiable © Oxford University Press 2004 Marking guidelines WR ITI N G 10 MAR KS Task completion The task is fully completed and the answer easy to understand. 4 marks Grammar The student uses appropriate structures to achieve the task. Minor errors do not obscure the meaning. 3 marks Voc abular y The student uses a sufficient range of words and phrases to communicate the message clearly. 3 marks S P EAKI N G 15 MAR KS Interactive communic ation The student communicates effectively with his / her partner, asking and answering simple questions, and where necessary initiating conversation, and responding. The student uses appropriate strategies to complete the task successfully. 5 marks Grammar and Voc abular y The student uses a sufficient range of vocabulary and structure to communicate clearly. Minor occasional errors do

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