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icroflown Technologies Charting sound fields Product Leaflet ACOUSTIC CAMERA Microflown Technologies Tivolilaan 205 Phone Fax : +31 088 0010800 : +31 088 0010810 6824 BV Arnhem Mail : info@microflown.com The Netherlands Web : www.microflown.com MICROFLOWN // CHARTING SOUND FIELDS ACOUSTIC CAMERA SOUND SOURCE VISUALIZATION FOR NON-STATIONARY SOUND FIELDS Sound source localization of transient and other non-stationary noises requires a simultaneous measurement with multiple sensors. The Microflown Acoustic Camera is a flexible and versatile all-in- one box solution. It allows localization and real-time analysis of non-stationary noises such as squeaks, rattles and clicks. Additional features make the Acoustic Camera software a great solution for your application. The Acoustic Camera is a tool for re- can be performed not only in real-time, al-time sound field visualization. It is a but also in any measurement environ- perfect tool for diagnostics and locali- ment, and in a broad frequency range zation of non-stationary noise sources (20 Hz -10 kHz). Making the Microflown from the product development stage to Acoustic Camera the only system ca- end of line quality control. pable of accurate sound source localiza- tion below the barrier of 200 Hz. Thanks to the unique properties of the Microflown sensor, the localization task MICROFLOWN // CHARTING SOUND FIELDS Microflown probes enable the direct broad frequency range (20Hz to quality control of all kinds of objects on measurement of both sound pressure 10kHz). Additionally, when the size the spot. In practice, there are many & particle velocity, thus the sound of the measured area is known, the cases where anechoic conditions intensity can be obtained by taking sound power of the object under test are not applicable, for instance in an the time averaged product of both can easily be calculated within the industrial manufacturing enviroment, signals. This allows for direct sound Acoustic Camera software. or a car interior. The Acoustic intensity measurements across a Camera is a solution which does not The physical properties of particle require any compromise when taking velocity and the design of the sensors measurements even in acoustically make our systems less susceptible challenging environments. to background noise. Therefore accurate sound intensity and sound There is no need to preserve a defined power results can be obtained in spacing between the probes in the situations with a high sound pressure array. Thus the Acoustic Camera over sound intensity ratio (P/I index). can also be configured as a scattered This unique feature makes this array, allowing to accurately measure system a superb engineering tool for curved surfaces and complex troubleshooting, benchmarking or geometries. FEATURES The Acoustic Camera system at glance - Broadband Solution | 20Hz - 10kHz Independent of geometry and size of the array - Large dynamic range | up to 45 dB - Spatial resolution does not depend on the frequency - Real-time sound field visualization: · Sound pressure · Particle velocity · Sound intensity · Sound power - Order Tracking Module and extensive order analysis tools - Signal processing matrix - Fast | Easy setup, measurement and analysis - Flexible | Free configuration of a measurement grid - Applicable in (real) operating environments - Multiple sensor solution MICROFLOWN // CHARTING SOUND FIELDS SOUND POWER ORDER TRACKING SIGNAL PROCESSING MEASUREMENTS AND ANALYSIS MATRIX Thanks to the unique features The system is equipped with Use the Basic Signal of the Microflown sensor, an extensive order analysis Processing Matrix and choose sound power measurements module. It allows to track the any two signals acquired with can now be done in-situ and rotational orders both with the system to perform simple in

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