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BUILDING ON A RICH LEGACY UNCOMPROMISED ACCURACY We have a passion for what we do and the history to prove it. Sako is an acclaimed manufacturer of high-quality firearms and Making cartridges is a matter of pride as cartridges. The company was founded in 1921, and we started much as it is about offering you, the shooter, manufacturing rifle cartridges in 1928. The key ingredients for the best possible product performance. our lasting success both now and in the future are our main principles of accuracy, reliability and honesty. For us the best possible product is born out of a respect for the game. We believe that technology is only half of the story as we continue to value the attention to detail that hand manufacturing entails to this day. A panel of experts still takes part in the production of our every product. We utilize modern computer- aided R&D and CNC manufacturing methods, yet we take pride in carrying out the final critical steps by ourselves. We inspect each individual brass case by hand for quality assurance purposes. Over one million cartridges are meticulously tested each year. All Sako cartridges comply with C.I.P requirements. 01 DEMAND PERFECTION At the turn of the millennium, Sako was honored to become a member of the Making rifles and cartridges is a matter of pride as much as it is Beretta Group, which gave access to new and advanced production methods about offering hunting enthusiasts the best combined cartridge that enables us to continuously refine our product development process. and rifle performance on the market. It’s not very often that the same production plant manufactures both rifles and cartridges. All Sako cases and bullets are suited for reloading and, with their sturdy quality, Since 1921, Sako has developed the world’s most accurate rifles are said to outlast the competition. We offer 32 different calibers with more and cartridges, using the latest technology as well as traditional than 100 different loads. gunsmith craftsmanship. Making world-class cartridges is a matter of pride for Sako. Our mission remains to offer our customers the very best in accuracy and performance. 02 UNRIVALED ACCURACY AND CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE All Sako and Tikka rifles are tested to guarantee 1 MOA accuracy – straight out of the box. All tests are carried out with Sako’s high-quality ammunition. Our products are continuously tested for Sako´s high standards on accuracy, performance, stopping power and reliability. Sako cartridges are certified: 03 PRECISION LOADED ISO 14001:2004 WITH ONLY THE BEST Environmental management systems QUALITY COMPONENTS ISO 9001:2008 Every bullet and case is individually inspected, the Quality management systems deviation of the highest quality single-base powder charge is minimized and the ignition time of the AQAP 2110 primers remains constant, providing quality that Nato quality assurance requirements for exceeds the precision of hand loading. design, development and production INDUSTRY-LEADING 04 RELOADABILITY Due to a proprietary heat treatment method, as well as zero impurities of the case material, our cartridges have the industry’s highest reloadability and pressure resistance, maximizing the lifespan and safety of any rifle. 05 STOPPING POWER All hunting loads and bullets are developed at Picture: Depicted on the top is the average the Sako ballistics laboratory. They are tested metallurgic microstructure of other high quality during real big game hunts for opti

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