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Programming with ) T. V. Suresh Kumar g, Eswara Reddy P. Raghavan Programming with JAVA This book introduces the principles of object-oriented programming through Java. The authors have taken care to give lucid, simple examples that make the reader understand the concepts easily. The examples do not have any reference from previous chapters, and can all be easily understood independently of the previous examples. The book is designed to be compatible with Java Development Kit (JDK) v. 1.5 and later. A few chapters briefly mention some of the newer classes and methods available in JDK v. 1.6. They have provided guidelines to create and run the program in the Command window of the Windows environment, and the use of Netbeans IDE to develop an application. Through this, the reader can gain excellent practical skills in analyzing and running the programs. Excellent, probing questions are provided at the end of each chapter to allow readers to realistically assess their understanding of the concepts. Support for certifications in Java programming is given by providing multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter. ISBN 978-81-317-5834-2 PEARSON ~ANGutNC~. 9788131758342 www sonqurieindro com www.pearsoned.co.in G MING C Xavier Java Programming: A Practical Approach is intended for students of all computer science and information technology degree and diploma courses, taking a paper on Java programming. This book is written in a lucid style explaining every single concept with apt examples, the right illustrations accompanying a program and the best possible laboratory exercises. Hundreds of Lab Projects and Industry Projects make the book handy for students as well as practitioners. Salient Features * Pure object-oriented approach * Detailed explanations for Windows, Graphical User Interface, Swings, AWT and Remote Method Invocation * Elaborate coverage of Networking, Socket Programming, JDBC and Servlets with programming examples * Provides various program designing steps-problem specification, high level design, methods design, test cases, output along with screenshots to demonstrate the implementation of examples and projects * 4 Industry Projects * More than 150 real-life projects for laboratory exercises * Over 250 objective-type questions with answers http://www.mhhe.com/xavier/jp1 Visit us at : www.tatamcgrawhill.com The McGraw'HiII Companies ISBN-13: 978-0-07-070209-7 ISBN-10: 0-07-070209-8 _ Higher Education "I IIII 9 780070 702097 Features of Java 2 and J2SE Exception handling, packages and interfaces Distributed applications using Java RMI Salient features of this edition • Incorporates features of Java 2 and J2SE • Discusses exception handling in depth • Describes the fundamentals and syntaxes of Java through example programs • Explains in detail the entire Java language and its core libraries, highlighting its unique features such as packages and interfaces • Illustrates the use of advanced concepts like multithreads and graphics • Explains how to create and implement applets and to build distributed applications using Java RMI • Presents around 350 tested programs with outputs and reinforces the learning through exercises Mr Rashrni Kanta Das holds a Masters in Business Administration from Utkal Universitv Orissa. He is ,1 Sun Certified .1.1,",' Programmer, Web Component Developer, Business Component Developer and ,1 Microsoft Certified System Engineer. Presently, he is a senior faculty and head of the Java J\l'se,Hch te.un of Interface Software, Bhubaneswar, one of the most reputed institutions in India in the field 011,1\',1 programming. The author has more than ten years of experience in working with .1,1\',1 and finding innovative solutions to the challenges faced in the software industry. 1SBN 978·81·259·5083·7 j zse i a s s s n '" PROGRAMMING About the Learning Material IN JAVA The Java' programming lan

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