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The New Intelligent Edge Akraino Edge Stack Project Overview John Craig, Lead Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Travis Broughton, Community Manager, Intel May 2018 Emerging Technologies in IOT and Networks are demanding lower latency and accelerated processing at the edge NFV Edge Wireless Wireline uCPE IP Enterprise Infrastructure (vRAN,vEPC) (PON) (SD-WAN) Services Autonomous Autonomous Industry Drones Medical Devices Vehicles Robots Wearable Immersive Virtual Augmented 360 Cognitive Experiences Reality Reality Video Assistance IoT & Industrial Home Retail Healthcare Analytics Sensors Devices On-Demand Hardware A.I. Microservices 5G NFV Acceleration 6/6/18 2 New Edge Requires End-to-End Automation & Interworking Services Cloud Services Residential Services Enterprise Services IOT Services AI Services Software & Cloud Automation Network Automation IOT Automation Automation Enterprise Public/Hybrid Infrastructure Software Data Carrier Cloud Cloud Service Defined Centers Network Network Providers Data Cloud Hosting Centers Service Private Cloud (SDDC) Providers Providers MSO/CableCo Web Service Providers 3 The New Edge Requirements for Akraino Project Edge Challenges Akraino Edge Stack is the first open source Large Scale >1000 Locations collaborative community project exclusively focused on integrated distributed cloud edge Need Simple Operations platform. Zero-touch provisioning Solution Zero-touch operations Zero-touch lifecycle Low Cost Start-up, Build, Run Akraino Edge Stack integrates multiple open sources to supply Multiple Edge Use holistic Edge Platform, Edge Cases Faster innovation but Application, and Developer with right integration APIs ecosystem. 6/6/18 4 What is Akraino? Everything About Edge – Akraino is Edge Project Development of Development of Fully Integrated Open Edge Applications Edge Middleware & Edge Stack API Deliverable + + • Develop Edge Middleware, • Develop Edge API • Create & Integrate Edge SDKs, applications and create Develop framework stack to address Edge Scope an app/VNF ecosystem for interoperability use cases (Blueprints) with 3rd party Edge • Edge Stack Life Cycle - providers & hybrid CI/CD & Tooling cloud models • Upstream collaboration 6/6/18 5 LF Announcement March 2018 › Firs

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