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PASSION FOR FITNESS DHZ PRODUCTS TÜV GEPRÜFT EQUIPMENT OVERVIEW 2017 WELCOME TO DHZ FITNESS REFERENCES We offer a wide range of suitable fitness equipment for the opening of a fitness market, costs have to be lowered, whether for sports equipment new gym, right through to the modernisation of your pre-existing gym. or for repair services. We therefore offer you not just premium quality fitness equipment with We have been a consistently successful company in the sports sector a wide range of functions, but also a price level which enables you to for over 20 years. Nevertheless, strong cooperation also requires trust. set up your sport studio at a minimal cost. We look forward to seeing you in our Showroom in Brandenburg (near We achieve this through a quantitative approach to assembly, the Berlin) or others in Europe, where you can take a relaxed look at a advantageous location of our production centre, as well as low overhead representative selection of our fitness equipment, test them, and find costs – all to your benefit. Consequently, our sales prices are often out all the information you require. significantly lower than those of established retailers. Our fitness equipment represents quality, reliability and safety, and As a result, with the EVOST Series from DHZ Fitness, we are able to offer are designed exclusively for professional use. The advantages of DHZ you easy-to-use and reliably functioning equipment, which scores many fitness equipment are: points for its appealing and fresh design and very reasonably priced • easy to adjust or adapt to your body size replacement parts. All spare parts are stored centrally on your behalf • straightforward operating instructions on the equipment and can be delivered quickly upon request. • intuitive operation of the fitness equipment • fully compliant with safety standards DHZ FITNESS EQUIPMENT OFFERS SAFE AND EASY • favourable price-performance ratio HANDLING AT REASONABLE PRICES - IDEAL FOR • competitively priced replacement parts MERCEDES WERK SINDELFINGEN EVERY SPORT STUDIO • reasonably priced assembly and trackable shipping Every gym follows its own sets of goals. We consider ourselves to be a Studio for factory employees upon request more-than-capable point of reference for helping you to achieve your • solid frame structure Products purchased: Functional Tower E360H, goals with ease. In order to stand one’s ground in the highly-competitive Flooring, weight plates. • 2 options for the weight towers in the equipment NOW OPTIONAL:  WITH MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT CONTENT  54 MONTH GUARANTEE EXTENSION* DUAL CABLE MACHINE PAGE 6 INDOOR CYCLING PAGE 7 SECURE YOUR INVESTMENT We offer service contracts as well as extended warranties, which EXTENDED STRENGHT MACHINES PAGE 9 secure your investment and enable a fixed cost plan. In the catalog WARRANTY ALLSTAR GYM – MALL OF BERLIN

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