• Document: Cellular Manufacturing Layout Design and Selection: A Case Study of Electronic Manufacturing Service Plant
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Proceedings of the International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2011 Vol II, IMECS 2011, March 16 - 18, 2011, Hong Kong Cellular Manufacturing Layout Design and Selection: A Case Study of Electronic Manufacturing Service Plant Nittaya Ngampak and Busaba Phruksaphanrat for both automated and non automated manufacturing Abstract— In this research, cellular manufacturing layout systems. It can be design based on Group Technology (GT) design based on Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) and [5]. GT manufacturing offers several advantages which tend selection of facilities layout design by Analytic Hierarchy to improve productivity of a facility and reduce its operating Process (AHP) are applied to a case study of an Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) plant. Currently layout of this costs, waiting time between process, machine setup time, manufacturing plant is a process layout, which is not suitable distance and handling of work pieces, flow of materials due to the nature of an EMS that has high-volume and high- between workstations. Several empirical studies confirmed variety environment. Moreover, quick response and high these advantages [1],[2],[5],[6]. flexibility are also needed. Then, cellular manufacturing layout One of the effective methods for layout design was design was determined for the selected group of products. SLP proposed by Muther which is called Muther’s systematic was used to analyzed and designed possible cellular layouts for the factory. In order to evaluate the best alternative layout, layout planning (SLP) [4]. This method presents layout criteria for plant selection were determined. These planning step that can be used sequentially to develop new performance measures were weighted by AHP. Then, the best layout or improve existing layout [4]. However, many cellular layout design was selected. This case study has shown layout design alternatives may be generated. Moreover, the practical guideline for design and selection of the best EMS many kinds of performance measures may be needed for layout. evaluation. Multicriteria decision making (MCDM) is needed for evaluation the best layout design based on Index Terms— layout design, SLP, AHP, layout selection, EMS selected criteria. This consideration is complicated, especially when there are many criteria. One of the most I. INTRODUCTION popular and effective method for MCDM making problem is Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), which has advantages in L AYOUT design and the flow of materials have a significant impact on performance of manufacturing system [1]. These can help to increase productivity, reduce comparing alternatives based on pairwise comparison. Both qualitative and quantitative criteria can be determined by AHP. AHP has been successfully used in many applications work in process and inventory, short production lead time, such as supplier selection, system selection and plant streamlines the flow of materials, and reduce non value location, etc. [1],[7]-[9]. So, AHP is selected to apply for added activities from the production process of waiting and layout selection of a case study. transportation, which make the factory meet customers' In this research, a case study of an electronic requirement quickly [2]. There are many types of layout manufacturing service (EMS), which currently uses process design in manufacturing system such as process layout, product layout and cellular layout. A process layout is

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