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Home loan application Personal details Separate forms are to be completed by the main applicant, co-applicant, and surety (or sureties). Please use block letters and complete the form as completely and accurately as possible, to aid our successful processing of the application. Originator ID Originator branch Customer number Individual Joint First time borrower Repeat borrower Your role Primary applicant Co-applicant Guarantor Conditional offer Yes No Staff indicator Yes No Personal information Title First name Surname Date of birth (CCYY-MM-DD) Gender Male Female Personal identification Identifying document Passport If not Zimbabwe, state country name Telephone (country code - area code - phone number, e.g. +263 4 759471) Telephone (Home) Telephone (Work) Mobile number Current residential address Address Town/City Living at address since (CCYY-MM-DD) Residential status Rent Own (bonded) Own (freehold) Living with parents Employer provided Other please specify Postal address Town/City Marital status and dependents Single Married Divorced Widowed Other specify How married In community of property Out of community of property Other specify Number of dependent Spouse Children Other Spouse’s details (if applicable) Title First name Surname Contact Number Guarantor’s/Surety details (Complete only if you are the primary applicant. The guarantor/surety must submit separate personal and financial details forms) Title First name Surname Mobile number Details of friend or relative (Not staying with you) Name and surname House number Street name Town/city Unit number Suburb/district Province Telephone number Mobile number Page 1 of 7 Customer to initial Employment details Permanent Private practice Self-employed Contract Part-time Pensioner Student Unemployed Employer’s name Industry/sector Employer Address Town/City Switchboard Contract expiry date (CCYY-MM-DD) Employee Employment date Designation Occupation (CCYY-MM-DD) Highest level of education Gross monthly salary Net monthly salary Previous employer (if less than 24 months with current employer) Period employed (YY-MM) Main banking account details Account type Cheque/Current Savings Other (specify) Held in the name of Salary account Yes No Bank or financial institution Branch name Branch code

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